Uninvited Guest

BiografieHailed as one of the most exciting new UK acts to storm the scene in 2005, Uninvited Guest have been around in their current guise since early 2002. After three years in the making, slowly, carefully but surely honing their craft, they completed their stunning full-length debut album, Faith in Oblivion. The resulting opus is an eclectic blend of gothic glamour melded with symphonic, electro industrial rock.

This album is remarkably diverse. Listen, for example, to the melancholic refrain of Requiem, the industrial angst of Cross my Heart, the thought provoking solemnity of Hollow, and the in your face hard rock attack of When You're Dead. There is a healthy dose of anti-religious sentiment embodied in many of these tracks, while other songs such as Angel Boy and Beautiful Orchid are proud proclamations of being an individual in the face of a sneering bigoted society. Not to mention The Devil's Toybox, where the band take us into a Tim Burton-esque world of devil doll fantasy.

Uninvited Guest are not afraid of utilising their diverse and sometimes bizarre influences to create off kilter and refreshingly unique, dark, aggressive and atmospheric musical soundscapes. Complementing these styles with intelligent, direct, no-nonsense lyrics, the band have created a beautiful yet anarchic tapestry of sound and verse. Dress it all up in Glam Goth finery and apply a pinch of 'showbiz' for good measure and you've got a band that will entertain your eyes as well as your ears.Quelle: - Orchestrated Chaos (Mini-Album)

2005 - Faith In Oblivion

2008 - Malice In Wonderland


Malice In Wonderland - Cover
Die aus England stammenden UNINVITED GUEST machen mal etwas völlig anderes und haben sich eine bombastische Mischung aus Gothic, Elektronik und Glam Rock auf die Fahne geschrieben.