BiografieFormed at the turn of the century, founding members Grant Belcher (Vocals) and Tim Moe (Guitar) wasted no time developing their unique sound and style, recording the Autumnal demo in 2001. Garnering positive response, HURTLOCKER supported the recording locally, opening for larger touring acts such as Obituary, Turmoil, and Gorguts.

2002 brought the band back into the studio to record Suicide, a four-song demo displaying dramatic growth and development. HURTLOCKER began to cultivate their live performances, as they continued to support touring artists such as King Diamond and Agnostic Front, and performed at various festivals, including the famed Milwaukee Metalfest. Later that year, HURTLOCKER continued its prolific writing regimen, releasing the five-song Murder demo.

With a focus on expanding their visibility, HURTLOCKER reached out to media outlets and extended their tour schedule to include the entire Midwest and East Coast regions. Met with encouraging support, the band released Empty, a five-song audio blitzkrieg highlighting a refined emphasis on song structure. In early 2004 HURTLOCKER recorded Reflection of Desperation. Produced by Chris Djuricic (Origin, Broken Hope), the release demonstrated clarified force and strident ruthlessness often omitted from today´s Metal music. HURTLOCKER gained substantial recognition from Reflection of Desperation, playing alongside Anthrax, Lamb Of God,and Dying Fetus. Eventually, they caught the ear of Chicago´s largest rock station, 94.7 The Zone. With an add on one of the nation´s top 50,000-watt rock radio stations, HURTLOCKER was quickly picked up by Austria´s Napalm Records.

Work soon ensued on what would result in HURTLOCKER´s debut album Fear in a Handful of Dust, with accomplished producer Zeus (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall). Featuring an outpouring mass of power and aggression, Fear In A Handful of Dust became an assault of sonic weaponry.

After a year or so of ups and downs and a ton of live performances, HURTLOCKER stopped the train to record their sophomore release in Studio One (Racine, Wisconsin). Quelle: - Fear In A Handful Of Dust

2007 - Embrace The Fall


Embrace The Fall - Cover
Mit "Embrace The Fall" legen die Jungs aus Chicago ihr zweites Album vor, nachdem das Debüt "Fear In A Handful Of Dust" bereits einige Leute aufhorchen ließ.