BiografieAfter releasing Evil Days summer of 2007, quite a lot has happened. The album got, mostly, great reviews. On Evil Days we used three different drummers. But both me and Marcus felt that we needed only one drummer. So we started looking and found the very talented "Son of Balsjö" Alexander Gustavsson. He´s only 23 years old but the best drummer i´ve (David.H) ever played with. After a few gigs during the summer and autumn, Richard decided that he no longer could be a part of Heel. He´s still writing songs and will perform on them on the albums too. But the time just wasn´t enough for him. This time we didn´t have to search for long. Alexanders old friend, and also guitarist in his band Riveria, David Jonasson tried out and was found worthy.. (He managed to sing High-pitched D-notes) Finally Heel Was a complete band. In February we played on Houseofmetal-festival in Umeå. And even if there wasn´t that much people in the audience (We started out the same time as Candlemass) the gig was great, and so was the reviews too. In March 2008 we started the recording of "Chaos and Greed ", an album that will be a little heavier than Evil Days. We felt that we discovered our sound when we wrote the song HeeL, and kept on in the same spirit when we started writing new songs. Now (December 2008) everything´s done and both we and Rivel Records is most satisfied with the result. The album will hit the stores sometimes during the spring 2009. I´m sure that HeeL will take a huge stand with next album and place the north of Sweden on the metalmap of the world among with other great bands such as Nocturnal Rites.


David Henriksson-Leadvocals

Marcus Elisson-Leadguitar And backing vocals (Producer too...)

Magnus Öberg-Bass and Backing vocals (And Band Dentist)

Alexander Gustavsson-Drums

David Jonasson-Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Additional keyboards by Rikard Öberg and Backing vocals by Ola halén (Insania Stockholm) and Tommy Johansson (Reinxeed) //David


Marcus Elisson and David Henriksson started working together in 2003 and the embryo of HEEL was formed. HE ( HENRIKSSON) EL (ELISSON) = HEEL David Henriksson is well known for his great vocal work with the SWEDISH POWER METAL sensation INSANIA STOCKHOLM where he fronted the band for several years and released two albums. The first studio album was released in 1999, and was called World Of Ice. One year later, the second album Sunrise In Riverland was released in 2000. The album was recorded in Finnvox studios with producer Mikko Karmila ( MASTERPLAN, STRATOVARIUS and many more). After the release of SUNRISE IN RIVELRLAND many concerts followed in Sweden in 2001.

After a short tour with Saxon as the peak of it all David Henriksson decided to leave the band and return to his hometown in northern Sweden. David needed a break from the heavy metal circus. David Henriksson & Christian Rivel the singer of NARNIA also owner of RIVEL RECORDS got to know each other and became good friends in 1998 and David was also guesting live with Christian’s solo band WISDOM CALL.
Christian and David kept in touch after David left Stockholm. Christian hoped that David wanted to return back again to the music scene because many fans missed him since he left INSANIA STOCKHOLM. David has a strong charisma on stage and he is an incredible metal singer with great vocal range.

In 2003 David Henriksson needed someone to help him record a few cover songs for an acoustic tour in Northern Sweden. He got in touch with his old friend Marcus Elisson who own and run his company TIRE CENTRAL & STUDIO WAREHOUSE in BJURHOLM SWEDEN. Marcus gave David the help and support he needed and during those recording sessions both discovered that they still had the same passion for metal music as in the early days of their youth when hardrock & heavy metal music became a big part of their lives.

Six-year older Marcus Elisson was in the melodic hardrock band RAMM and they also released a 7” vinyl single I AM, YOU ARE in 1989 that nowadays is a collectors item for collectors of SWEDISH HARDROCK & HEAVY METAL. David Henriksson had just started as lead singer in the band DEEP SEA. RAMM and DEEP SEA shared the same rehearsal room in the basement of a local Bjurholms-store, and RAMM was the younger boys in DEEP SEA biggest influence. In 1991 Marcus went to LOS ANGELSES to study guitarplaying at GIT at MI.

Since the early days in RAMM & DEEP SEA David & Marcus had good contact and many years later they are back where it all started. David & Marcus decided to start writing and recording Heavy Metal again. Their primary goal since the start was to get a record-deal and start touring again as a powerful metal band. David didn’t forget his friend Christian Rivel and informed him what was happening and now the ball was rolling. Between 2003 - 2006 they worked hard writing material when they had time between their ordinary day jobs.

2006 has been the most productive year since HEEL started and they contacted Christian again and he was now convinced to sign HEEL to the RIVEL RECORDS ROOSTER. David was now back again as a fronting metal singer and not only that. He has now a great new band together with Marcus Elisson and they also recruited the former members of RAMM Richard & Magnus Öberg and Richard has also contributed in the song writing process together with David & Marcus.

The current line up of HEEL 2007 is: DAVID HENRIKSSON – VOCALS MARCUS ELISSON – GUITARS MAGNUS ÖBERG – BASS RICHARD ÖBERG – KEYBOARDS PER MIKAELSSON – DRUMS On the great debut album EVIL DAYS several guests can be found Anders Zackrisson the original vocalist of NOCTURNAL RITES, Gerhard Stenlund, Anders Jansson & Leif Grabbe (former RAMM members)

The style we are talking about are powerful hardrock & heavy metal with great melodies in the vein of DIO,IRON MAIDEN & MALMSTEEN. HEEL – EVIL DAYS RRCD033 – RIVEL RECORDS SWEDEN RELEASE DATE: 2007-07-07 The result is EVIL DAYS and will hit the stores 2007-07-07 and the band will start touring in the summer to promote the album EVIL DAYS by HEEL.

This is only the beginning of this metal journey …

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2009 - Chaos And Greed


Chaos And Greed - Cover
Meine Kollegin Tennessee hat im Review zu „Evil Days“ (siehe Review), dem letzten Album der Schweden, den Nagel bereits auf den Kopf getroffen, der ohne Einschränkung auch für „Chaos