BiografieHailing from the UK, PDHM have arrived to offer something new, something different and best of all something challenging. With the current incarnation of the band having been together for 3 years, they have worked tirelessly to hone their sound, and now deliver a punishingly heavy -yet melodic- metal tour de force. Inspired by an array of rock and heavy metal influneces, the result is unique and original. Most noticeable is the two-pronged vocal assault, where brothers Alistair and Stuart McGee combine crushingly dark and powerful vocals (such as that demonstrated by Phil Anselmo, Pantera) with soaring melody (similar to Layne Staley, Alice in Chains and/or Keith Caputo, Life of Agony). Completing the band are the back-bone and basis for the power that is dished out. On guitar Lee Kent unleashes the soul of the music, whilst the rhythm section - Rich Keenan (drums) and Tony Hopkins (bass) - manages to cement the band with an unstoppable beat that thunders through each and every song. Having performed with some of the UK´s great acts including Lostprophets, Sikth, Skindred and Jonny Truant, PDHM then self-funded a trip to LA in early 2004 and a return stint in March 2005, where they wowed crowds in venues such as the Viper Room, the Troubadour and the Whiskey a GoGo, as well as performing at the legendary Texan music festival South by Southwest. This band is not prepared to stop. Who Knows The Unknown


Who Knows The Unknown? (EP) - Cover
Gewollt, aber nicht gekonnt - so das Fazit nach dem Genuss der EP der britischen Combo PDHM.