Lost Eden

BiografieJapan?s LOST EDEN came together in 2000 when Norio(Vocals), Adachi(Guitar), Run(Guitar), Daisuke(Bass), Chang(Drums) decided to form a hardcore/metal group. The band?s first milestone was in 2002 when they had two songs included on the compilation album ?SURPLUS SUPPRESSION 3?. In the spring of 2003, Sensyu joined as their new drummer, and Chang switched to guitar. This new 3 guitar line up immediately hit the studio to record their debut single "SEWN MOUTH FOREST" as they continued to fuse their metallic hardcore sound with black and death metal elements. This release was followed by extensive national touring. In 2004, LOST EDEN included a track on the compilation cd "METAL OSTENTATION Vol.6" At the same time, Chang left the band, and Cab joined as a new guitarist. This signaled the next stage in the LOST EDEN?s musical development, becoming more melodic, but at the same time more aggressive. 2005 saw the band continue to contribute to various compilation albums with tracks appearing on "EATTHQUAKE A.G.M" and "EXTREME GENERATION". After that, Cab left & Mako replaced Sensyu behind the kit. This forced the band back to a 2 guitar formation which they have used since. In the winter of that year, they recorded a new 2-track demo CD. On the recording, the band began to experiment with keyboards to add another dimension to their sound. The demo was sent to London based metal label Candlelight?? In early 2006, LOST EDEN signed a contract with Candlelight Records and work began on their debut album "CYCLE REPEATS" at SPLASH studios in Japan during the autumn of that year.
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Cycle Repeats - Cover
Fünf Japaner machen gemeinsam Musik. Das hat bisher meist zu sehr exotischen Ergebnissen geführt oder zu gnadenlosem Krach Marke BATHTUB SHITTER.