Feast For The Crows

BiografieWhile sometimes it takes ages until a band has found its niche to fill with their music this young five piece from the middle of Germany delivers an impressing Album with a standalone style.

After their old Band TEAR OF PHOENIX split up, the formidable guitar duo Max Hufnagel and Sebastian Kollat decided to keep the wheel turning on and started FEAST FOR THE CROWS, strengthened by Drummer Moritz Jung, Stefan Kraft on fourstring and Vocalist Simon Kollat.

With a strong background from countless shows with bands like MAROON, AS WE FIGHT NUEVA ETICA, UNDER SIEGE and TODAY FOREVER now FEAST FOR THE CROWS tends to set stages on fire again.

Due to their inventive songwriting and their high technical level FEAST FOR THE CROWS can stand comparisons to Bands like HEAVEN SHALL BURN, IN FLAMES or GATES OF ISHTAR easily. Quelle: When All Seems To Be Burned


Feast For The Crows_1
Donnerstag 29.03.2007
FEAST FOR THE CROWS haben mit ihrem "When All Seems To Be Burned"-Album mächtig Eindruck gemacht und durchweg vordere Soundcheck-Plätze belegt. Grund genug, mal bei der Band anzuklopfen und in Erfahrung zu bringen, was es Neues gibt.


When All Seems To Be Burned - Cover
Auch wenn FEAST FOR THE CROWS unter Metalcore laufen, sollte jeder weiterlesen, der mit heftigem Metal was anfangen kann.