BiografieThe Norwegian band Galar was formed in late fall 2004 by Slagmark and Smaug. The musical style of Galar is Viking metal. The music contains both furious blastbeats, slow parts, and both grim and clean vocals. Galar has also gone their own way and created an unic sound by adding elements such as Bassoon to their music.

During the period of late 2004 and early 2005 the band wrote and recorded their debut demo containing the tracks "Slagmarkens falne sjeler", "Ragnarok" and "Dødsmyr". The demo was recorded and mixed by Slagmark himself at his own private studio. On the demo Slagmark handles the guitars, bass and vocals, while Smaug takes care of the lyrics. Also, Fornjot participated as a session member on clean vocals, keyboards and bassoon. The drums are programmed. Fornjot joined as a permanent member shortly after the demo was completed and will handle the clean vocals, keyboards and basson.

The demo recieved good feedback and plenty of good reviews which can be found in the review section.

To use programmed drums was just a temporary solution for the band, and late 2005 Galar managed to recruit drummer Tordenskrall (Mithril, ex - Fiend) to their ranks. This made the line - up complete. Galar also signed a one album record deal with the German label Heavy Horses Records. During the rest of the year and most of the first half of 2006 Slagmark wrote some new songs witch kept Galar busy in the rehearsing room to rehears for the upcomming album. In may 2006 they entered Ludo recordings at Askøy to start recording the new album which was named "Skogskvad". The album will be released in October!

More to come...Quelle: - Til Alle Heimsens Endar

2006 - Skogskvad

2005 - Galar (Demo)


Skogskvad  - Cover
Das norwegische Quarett GALAR hat letztes Jahr ein Demo veröffentlicht und damit einen Deal bei Heavy Horses landen können.
Til Alle Heimsens Endar - Cover
Das Duo GALAR (zu dem auch noch ein Session-Drummer namens Phobos gehört) aus der Schwarzmetall-Hochburg Bergen in Norwegen erblickte 2004 die Dunkelheit der Welt und konnte bereits mit seinem Debütal