Halo Of Shadows

BiografieIn 2005, 4 young Finnish guys, Antti Matilainen - vocals, Teemu Hänninen - guitars, Teemu Anttila - keyboards and Jari Huttunen - drums, decided to form a strong heavy metal band, with the emphasis on METAL. The guys have all played in other bands and projects, but decided to get together for the formation of Halo Of Shadows.

With the line-up in place, Halo Of Shadows went into the Watercastle Studio in the early fall of 2005 to record drum tracks for the debut album, with Arttu Sarvanne as the producer. Later on, the other aspects of the music (guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals) were recorded in various Finnish studios, and guitarist Teemu, who also played the bass on the disc, mixed the album, with a fantastic result for all to hear.

In early 2006 the young band hooked up with Danish based metal agency Intromental Management, for the purpose of spreading the word on Halo Of Shadows and to obtain a good label deal for the debut album, "Manifesto". In spring 2006 the band signed with Massacre Records for a worldwide album release.

Lyrically, the album deals with subjects, such as criticism of religion and other relevant matters of today´s turbulent world.

The music of Halo Of Shadows is best described as a fine mixture between Death, Arch Enemy, Symphony X and King Diamond. Very powerful but with a delicate touch of melody. It´s not really "just" death metal - in fact it´s a conglomeration of all the various metal genres with a slab of originality to it.


Antti Matilainen - Vocals

Teemu Hänninen - Guitars / Bass

Teemu Anttila - Keyboards

Jari Huttunen - Drums

Quelle: - Manifesto


Manifesto - Cover
Gerade erst 2005 gegründet, haben diese Finnen bereits einen Deal im Sack und hauen ihr Debüt "Manifesto" auf den Markt.