Disarmonia Mundi

BiografieEttore Rigotti: guitars, drums, vocals, bass, keys

Bjorn Strid: vocals, cleans

Claudio Ravinale: vocals, lyrics

The Disarmonia Mundi project takes its first steps in the first months of the year 2000 and after many line-up changes the band succesfully records ´Nebularium´, the first full lenght album completely self-produced into Ettore´s home studio. The good responses allow the band to sign a contract with Self for the italian distribution and with Cd-Maximum for the russian market. Unfortunately line-up problems prevent live performances to support "Nebularium" and slow down the proceedings of the new album too.

The only survivors from the former line-up, Ettore Rigotti and Mirco Andreis, are then joined by the new screamer Claudio Ravinale and together they start to work on new material. The ex-singer Benny Bianco Chinto writes some new lyrics and some new vocal lines too. After the first pre-productions of the new tracks the band records into Ettore´s homestudio a promo that gives them the opportunity to sign with Scarlet Records.

Firmly convinced to release another completely self-produced album (a choice that concerns both the audio and the graphics) the bands starts the recordings of the new material once again into Ettore´s homestudio. In the meantime they get in contact with the frontman Bjorn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork/Terror 2000) that shows interest in the music of the band. Started as a kind of joke the idea of a collaboration soon turns into reality when Speed joins the band for the recordings of the vocal parts of their second album entitled "Fragments of D-Generation". After the recordings and the mix, the mastering process is entrusted to Goran Finnberg at Mastering Room in Sweden. The release of Fragments of D-Generation has granted the band many good reviews, a great feedback from both media and fans and the possibility of shooting a video into Cinecittà´s studios for the song Red Clouds.

Unfortunately the impossibility of finding trustable musicians to complete the line-up has prevented the band to perform live shows and as a solution to this lack of activity they decided to lock themselves into Ettore´s homestudio again to compose their third album formerly scheduled for the end of the year 2005.

While Ettore and Claudio are working on the new record Mirco decides to leave the band to concentrate on his video clip-director career, what remains of the band manages to compose the core of the new album in three weeks while more time is spent on working on the arrangements and trying out different solutions for all the new songs.

The band decides to remain as a duo for the recording sessions but to collaborate with Speed again for the vocal duties splitting them equally between Claudio and him (with Ettore doing clean vocals as well) and plans to mix all the new stuff at Studio Fredman in Sweden. During the recording sessions Mirco shoots the video for the band´s new single "Celestial Furnace" and after some delay due to mixing and mastering problems the final master is entrusted to Alessandro Vanara at The Metal House in Italy. "Mind Tricks", the band´s long anticipated third album, finally sees the light the 12th of June 2006.
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2004 - Fragments Of D-Generation

2006 - Mind Tricks


Mind Tricks - Cover
Unglaublich, wie viele Nebenjobs Björn "Speed" Strid hat!