Surrender Of Divinity

Biografie1996: Thy Unholy Arrival

SURRENDER OF DIVINITY was blasphemously spawned in Bangkok/Thailand by a 4 Siamese Christ-Beheader: Monchai on vocals, Whathayakorn on guitars, Ekaluxx on bass and Paritat on drums with the very basic intention to spawn a strongest and truest Satan-spawning, Christ-beheading, Mary-raping Black "fucking" Metal band and spreading the black seeds of Satan in the empire of SIAM.

1997: The Beginning of the Blasphemous Spell

The band decided to vomit forth and record a demo tape. This tape was a promo tape and the band never released it, officially. There were only 20 copies that have been pressed for some close comrades and a few local fanzines. The "Promo ´97" tape had 3 Satanic-spawning hymns with ultra ugly and raw sounding.

1998: Wrath of the Eastern Blasphemy

The Siamese demons worked much harder and wrote more new satanic blasphemies and enthroned them into some of the local stages holocaust that the band were invited to played at that time. Most of Siamese sons of Satan were very impressed with the band´s Christ-fucking war anthems. Many of local hell-hordes kept asking for an official debut demo of the band. But due to insufficient funds to record the war anthems in a professional studio, the band did it with a four-track recorder. Ekaluxx decided to leave the band prior to the recording of this demo but he was immediately replaced by Settha, who was at that time became the new 4 strings axe-man for the horde. Once the line-up was fixed up, the band headed to a local rehearsal room and recorded the first official demo. This lead to the band next demo, which is simply entitled "Rehearsal demo ´98". The demo contained 4 God-fucking songs, fast and raw Black Metal hell-raping holocaust...666% pure raw and grim. Lyrically, the band emphasized on the gender of evilness, holding with great esteem for Lord Satan and the songs were marked with fantastic spiritual imaginations and the desires to destroy that Christian filth. The response to the "Rehearsal demo´98" was very encouraging, the demo received tons of positive reviews from the local and foreign underground magazines. After the release of rehearsal demo, Monchai and Settha decided to leave the band due to their personal reasons. Ekaluxx needed to re-join as the Vomitor and the horde crowed goat-desecrator: Avaejee as the Bass holocaust.

2000: Conquering the Holy Empires

After the Horde done the desecrating tour over Malaysia and Singapore, the Horde signed to "Psychic Scream Entertainment" from Malaysia and unleashed the debut full-length of the Eastern goat wrath entitled "Oriental Hell Rhythmics". Avaejee left the band after the recording of O.H.R. Anyway, Ekaluxx united with the horde again on Vokills/Bass Sodomizer and continued destroying few more stages holocaust for the horde in the year 2002, such as a gig in the 1st of June,02 with the Cult master: Sodom, and warbrothers Impiety in Bangkok/Thailand, and a blasphemous show in the 20th of October,02 with Dark Funeral in Singapore etc.

2003: The Goats Strike back

Ekaluxx decided to leave the horde again, because of his life is become too hectic. Honorably, Monchai returned and gathered the black mass as a new Christ-fucking vomits, The Horde spawned an honorable 7"EP, entitled "Immolating the Son of the Whore" which featured only exclusive hell-hymns. The "Immolating the Son of the Whore" 7"EP is released through the mighty "Legion Of Death Records" from the pits of France, strictly limited to 300 copies, and sold out quickly. However, Paritat and Monchai left the horde after this release.

2004: Evoking the Unholy Black Mass

Avaejee re-birthed from the pits of Hell and rejoined the horde as the Bass holocaust, and Hell-raping Vomit. The horde crowned Xulaynus on the Drum-throne as the newest majestic Christ-Beheader for Satan and vomited forth a double split 7"EP with eternal hell-brothers: IMPIETY, simply entitled, "Two Majesties" through the U.S. blasphemous label: Unholy Horde Records.

2005: The Sign of Apocalypse

The horde recently united the hell-force with "From Beyond Productions" for a 2 album deal. The 1st satanic assault for "From Beyond Productions" named, "MANIFEST BLASPHEMY: The Abortion of the Immaculate Conception" is set to be unleashed on July/August 2005. Expect nothing but one of the most blasphemous and brutal Black "Fucking" Metal onslaughts ever unleashed on earth!!! Quelle: - "Manifest Blasphemy"

2004 - "Two Majesties" Split double 7"EP with Impiety

2003 - "Immolating The Son Of The Whore" 7"EP

2000 - "Oriental Hell Rhythmics"

2000 - "Christbeheaders" - Split demo with Korihor

1998 - Rehearsal Demo ’98

1997 - Promo ’97 www


Manifest Blasphemy - Cover
Sie wären frost-bitten, würden sie nicht in Thailand leben.