BiografieA band is a lot like an infant—it takes much effort and hard work to raise it properly. One invests a large amount of blood, sweat, and tears, and at times is on the verge of desperation. However, watching it mature and evolve, while experiencing all the great moments, makes up for all the trouble.

SCHELMISH is no different. However, this band is not like the other children. SCHELMISH has always been a bit louder, more direct, fatter, uglier, and more antisocial than the rest – yet at the same time always honest, friendly and likeable.

In 1999, exactly 10 years ago, SCHELMISH came into being equipped with spunk and a rebellious spirit. The founding members Dextro, DesDemonia, and Rimsbold gathered together a group of crazy gleemen still in touch with their inner child and full of motivation and enthusiasm to travel throughout Germany in order to win their spurs. With their loose and very often cheeky attitude, the band won numerous audiences over und succeeded in showing people how to dance with the help of loud bagpipes and mighty drums.

In only a few years, SCHELMISH succeeded in becoming one of the top-notch medieval bands in Europe by playing hundreds of concerts. With five very successful studio albums and one live DVD – capturing the essence of a SCHELMISH concert – the band further strengthened their status.

Like children on an adventure, the rogues have always been ready to explore new paths and allow new influences to seep into their music. In 2006, the musicians picked up electronic guitars and added elements of Punk, Metal, Rock, and Electro to their bagpipe power. By combining these different genres the band clearly stands apart from the other bagpipe-rock bands. After all, it was with the release of the first rock CD “Mente Capti” that the subgenre “Heavy Bagpipe-Punk” was born. The name SCHELMISH is now synonymous with an uncontrolled party, to which everybody who dares to show up is cordially invited.

Having outgrown their baby shoes, the band from Bonn presents itself true and honest and leaves the borders of the medieval genre behind. Not only small clubs are enriched by the high energy live shows and entertaining show parts, but also the big stages like RhEINKULTUR, Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Breeze, or M’era Luna were successfully invaded by the gleemen. Staying true to their path, the band received overwhelming positive feedback for their 2007 full-length “Wir werden sehen”.

After taking a two-year recording break, SCHELMISH returned to the studio to unleash their ninth album. “Die hässlichen Kinder” (”The ugly children”) will be released on 30 October. More punk, honest, and mature than ever before, the cheeky rogues present their fans with the next logical step in their career. Though the child has grown up, ugly children always stay true to their inner child. Quelle: - Von Räubern, Lumpen Und Anderen Schelmen

2001 - Aequinoctium

2002 - Codex Lascivus

2003 - Tempus Mutatur

2004 - Igni Gena

2005 - Schelmish Live

2006 - Mente Capti

2007 - Wir werden Sehen

2009 - Die Hässlichen Kinder



Die Hässlichen Kinder - Cover
Seit ihrer Gründung vor zehn Jahren haben sich die Bonner Spielmänner in der Mittelalterszene gut vorgekämpft und werden mitunter in einem Atemzug mit SALTATIO MORTIS (ebenfalls bei Napalm Records unt