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Hello all of you, for everyone who is interested in knowing a little more about me is here my personal biography. My full name is Marcel Martinus Anna Coenen, I am born in the hospital in Sittard, The Netherlands on the 21st of September 1972 just a few minutes before midnight.
My weight was 2900 gr. and I was 47 centimeters long. If U want to see how I looked like some days after I was born see the picture on the right: Now wasn´t I sweet ?? ;-)

Anyway, I grew up in the same town I still live in today, we lived in an old house which was a part of a farm, it looked very good and it was a nice place to live. I always was into music. My first DJ-experience was when I was 5 years old !!!! My mother used to DJ at a local radio station (she owned it herself) and I had my own show there, hehe it was very fun to do, see below a picture of that, on the picture is also my mother.

I was always interested in music, when I was young I used to move in the chair on music what was playing, I also got a drum kit when I was really young, but my mom sold it fast because it made lots of noise, hahaha.

But I am very happy, because when I got 10 years old I got my first acoustic guitar from my mother, but at that time I did not even look at the thing, until I saw on TV a guy playing a wild solo on an electric guitar, I just got eleven at that time, so for Christmas I got my first electric guitar and a very small amp, see below a pic of those.

So there my career as a guitarist started, I took lessons at that time from a guy named "Piet Muurmans" , he was studying at that time at the conservatory in Maastricht, The Netherlands and he taught me a lot of theory which I still use a lot today. I took lessons for almost a year and a half and around the time I quit the lessons I also joined my first band, the band was called "Streethawk", we played some covers from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Manowar and some own songs. I was 14 years old at that time. Below is a picture from the band, with me totally on the right:

After that I joined a band called "Sanctus Spiritus", we even played the support once for the band Laaz Rockit who were very popular at that time
(1988) , I was 15 years old back then. It was also around that time when I got into the more heavier kind of thrash metal and Yngwie Malmsteen, when I first heard Yngwie play I was like "damn, I never get this fast" and I was probably right ;-)

Anyway, I learned to play lots of Yngwie stuff, and then the band "Speedica" asked me to join the band, they were looking for a guitarist, at first I wasn´t too enthusiastic about it because I wasn´t used to play speed metal at all, I only used to play stuff like Yngwie or Iron Maiden, I just was not used to play speed metal stuff. I went to rehearse with the band and I fell in love with the style, so I stayed in the band Speedica. around that time I also left the band I was in, Sanctus Spiritus was called "Dungeon" at that time, we had a different singer back then and we also recorded a demo tape with that band, it was fun, right after the demo recordings of Dungeon we went into the studio with Speedica and we recorded a full length CD, for information about getting this CD look at the "previous band" section and click on "speedica".

On the picture U see me totally on the left, quite unrecognized eh ??? hehehe , anyway, the recordings we made were used to make two demo tapes around that time, the demo tapes were received quite well in some magazines and some songs also were "song of the week" at Dutch radio stations. Speedica was also at a sampler CD called "Metal In Rocks part II", and we also did a tour to promote that disc. later some band members left the band and some other members came in, then the band name was changed into FORM and the CD "I Choose My Own" was recorded, this was in

I started the band AURA also in 1994. This band started out with playing covers from bands like RUSH, FATES WARNING, DREAM THEATER and QUEENSRIJCHE. Aura also started to write their own material and a first demo tape was made in 1995. This demo tape got the attention of US record label Magna Carta and AURA got a contract with them. The band name was changed into LEMUR VOICE (picture on the left) also around this time and the first CD "Insights" was recorded. Lemur Voice did some touring and got some serious attention from all kind of countries. The band exists no more. In 1998 I also joined the Dutch guitar contests and I became best rock guitar player from the Netherlands, this lead into an endorsement with Ibanez guitars through Serlui BV, and I am doing many clinics for them.

Currently I play in the band SUN CAGED together with drummer Roel Van Helden, singer Paul Adrian Villarreal, Keyboardplayer Rene Kroon and bass player Rob van der Loo. With this band we recorded three EP´s and an album so far. The album, named "Sun Caged" has been released on October 22nd 2003 by Lion Music Finland and was getting good reviews everywhere. We are concentrating on a second album at this time. Also my first solo CD "Guitartalk" has been released by Lion Music, also in 2003. The Lion Music version is remastered, has 12 songs in total and has new artwork.

A second solo album has been released in February 2006, and got the title "Colour Journey". This album shows Marcel´s song writing skills more then his guitar playing abilities.

I am also still working on an instructional video for guitar, and ofcourse working hard with my band Sun Caged.

I also do a lot of session work lately, for artists like Hubi Meisel, Bob Katsionis, Mistheria and a lot of others, even artists like Peter Beense and Henk Wijngaard.

Biggest Inspirations:

Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Allan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson, Scott Henderson, Crimeny, Greg Howe, Meshuggah, Rush, Haji´s Kitchen, Racer X, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, Dimebag Darrell, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen.


I endorse Ibanez guitars for SERLUI BV and Bo-El Guitars for Huub Boel.

I also endorse Curt Mangan Guitar Strings.
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Colour Journey - Cover
Mit "Colour Journey" schießt der niederländische Gitarrist Marcel Coenen ein Soloalbum in die Umlaufbahn, nachdem er bereits unter Anderem für Musiker oder Bands wie Hubi Meisel oder SUN CAGED gearbei