BiografieThe band biography. That essential piece of information on everyone’s website. Let’s face it, you’ve maybe read at least ten of these already today if you’ve been doing some hard surfing looking for cool new sounds, so let’s cut the shit. The last thing we want to do is to patronise you or to throw out a load of self-imposed superlatives that will make you feel more like taking the piss than checking us out.

We don’t claim to be the most original band in the world, but we reckon there’s something to our cyber-goth metal assault that is well worth checking out. We were recently described as “Kraftwerk meets Sisters meets Napalm Death”, sounds cool to us.

We already have significant live experience, having opened for the likes of Mad Capsule Markets, Murder 1, My War and Leech Woman. This year we opened the small stage at the infamous Wasted Festival, propping up the likes of The Exploited, UK Subs and The Anti-Nowhere league. We like to think we’re pretty diverse.

Our ethos is simple. 100% commitment and passion for what we do. Check us out and you’re in for some insanely heavy yet (we hope) refreshingly weird shit. This ain’t industrial music as you know it, it’s cyber metal. So dig it motherfucker. It might be the best thing you’ve heard for ages, then again it might not be. You decide. Like it or not, you can be sure that deadpad are the real fucking deal.

Quelle: http://www.deadpad.comDiscografieCounterculture EP 2006
KontaktJohn Cook
Electro-Metal aus England. www


Counterculture - Cover
Aus England kommen DEADPAD und bringen als Beschreibung eine Mischung aus Kraftwerk, Sister of Mercy und Napalm Death.