Hate Profile

Biografie Hate Profile was founded in 1998 by Amon 418 (later also Opposite Sides and Hortus Animae, ex of Baratro) in order to give life to his musical instincts and lyrical urges.

Lyrics are meant to be the back-bone of the whole musical creation, influencing the mood and structure though metaphors used to depict a haunting, visionary and apocalyptic imagery; as well as an inner -esoteric- journey into a spiritual microcosm with its own aesthetics and rules.

After some rehearsals with formers members of Entity and Defixio during 1999-2001, Amon 418
decided to proceed on his own involving different Artists from time to time to complete the recording line-up.

Various musical engagements silenced Hate Profile until 2003, still leaving some time to complete the lyrical part of the project with Opus II: “The Soule Proceeds…” and Opus III: “Spirit Breed Era Vulgaris”.
Later the same year, GroM from Ancient and Hortus Animae was called to perform session drums on “The Khaos Hatefile”, recorded during different sessions and studios throughout 2004.

By summer 2005, Hate Profile signed a deal with Cruz del Sur Music and the debut album is going to be released in November 2005.

The band is presently writing new material for the second album and recording a split-cd with Defixio; GroM recorded the drum tracks for both. It will be completed within 2005 and will feature 4+4 songs and covers from Satyricon and Darkthrone.

Quelle: Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile


Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile - Cover
HATE PROFILE ist das Kind eines einzigen Mannes mit dem griffigen Pseudonym Amon 418, der sich im italienischen Underground wohl schon einen Namen gemacht hat.