Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult


1997-1999 The 1st Chapter - The Pest Called Humanity

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult was called into its existence during the cold wintery months of 1997.

After the glorious days of early old school black metal had been infested by Gothic influences, and the betrayal of the Scandinavian forefathers - who apperently changed their allegiance, it was the intention of the two founding members Onielar (Vokills, Git.) as well as Ariovist (Drums) to call forth a band which would contribute it's music to the old traditional vein of black metal.

This line-up was reinforced by Velnias (Git.) who joined their ranks after approximately six unholy months. The position of the bass strangler stayed vacant since day one. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult stands for own satanic and nihilistic beliefs, along with the conspiracy for raw black metal this spirit is carved deep into their hearts. Thus, it seems nearly impossible to find an individual which combines both the skill and the mandatory views of the occult. Only these individuals may join the Slaughtercult.

In the following months the darkened trinity put much effort, sweat and blood into their very first hymns. During this time many tried out for the open bass position, but all were slain, all fell down to be mere cannonfodder. As time passed by it got more clearer day by day that soon the ways of Ariovist and Slaughtercult would go into different directions. While his path led off into a more pathetic human direction - Slaughtercult kept heading straight forward towards the human rank and file in order to slaughter under the banner of blasphemy. Thus during the second half of the year 1999 the first official release The Pest Called Humanity was recorded.

The line up back then was:
Onielar - Vox, Git   Velnias - Git   Ariovist - Drums   Grigorr - Session Bass

This album being dedicated to pure underground deeds combined the true spirit, which is grim, dark and evil as well as a quality production.


1999-2001 The 2nd Chapter - Follow the Calls for Battle

After the demo mCD The Pest Called Humanity was released the line-up was reduced to just Onielar and Velnias. Without bass and drums the heralds of Slaughtercult continued working feverishly on new material. Beyond the battlements of Saldor the fact of loosing a skilled mercenary on drums was somewhat a set back, but patiently the steel was sharpened.

Many dared to sit down upon the mighty drum throne! However with the only result of wasting unecessary time. Early creations like Thanatos, Our Glorious Presence and Hora Ruid which were the first new tracks after the departure of Ariovist, already reflected that the black heart of the band was pounding stronger than ever before. With the distant plan to strike again, they managed to find an excellent replacement on the drums: Horrn, the second session member!

The goal of unleashing the second chapter in front of their eyes five more tracks were written, without knowing what they would sound like with bass and drums. Then finally after almost two years Slaughtercult unsheathed the swords and invaded the studio to record the first full length album: Follow the Calls for Battle! While the first chapter was merely the beginning, the second chapter took it a whole level higher. In every aspect the material had improved, faster, more aggressiv and much, much more brutal. This time they showed their deriding worn out masks, which cleary stated their line up during that time:

Onielar - Vox,Git   Velnias - Git   Horrn - Session Drums   Grigorr - Session Bass

Rumor has it that Horrn decided to join the band as a full time member.


2001-2004 The 3rd Chapter - Nocturnal March

Whilst Follow the Calls for Battle turned out to be a violently, restless raging beast in the world wide underground - Slaughtercult began integrating permanent drummer Horrn. Thus preparing for the first live battle March 16th, 2002. The aftermath of this very first live performance brought forth yet another recruitment. Former session member Grigorr was replaced by Emporonorr on bass. From there on a stable line-up rampaged stages on a more less frequent level in Germany as well neighboring countries.

The second chapter still spread out like a malevolent fungus for the next three years. Thus, in the meantime once again smoke began to rise from the forges set afire beyond the walls of a massive saldorian stronghold. Early works of the third chapter like "Wicher Za Gorami", "Through Rotting Stench" and "Spectral Runlets of Tulwod" gave evidence of another devestating strike in the distant future. Concurrent to these hymns a treaty was signed with Luxemburg's Donkelheet. This pact was released in form of a mini split LP late 2003 and featured one track of each band. Slaughtercult's share entitled Underneath Stars of the East prooved to be deeply rooted within the overwhelming landscapes of the Polish soil.

Striving for a worthy follow up of the second chapter Slaughtercult re-entered the studio during the second half of 2003. For the fourth time trusting into the capabilities of long time friend and producer A. Rave. Constantly attempting to reach the highest level of perfection the recording sessions went on an on. Being an indepedant pure fucking black metal horde time is no longer of importance... finally "Nocturnal March" was unchained. With pounding trembles in the earth Slaughtercult hordes charged out through scraggy portals in order to deliver a final blow without mercy to all those daring to stand up. The first full length release with a complete line-up:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Emporonorr - Bass


2004 - 2006 The 4th Chapter - Hora Nocturna

Triumphantly the horde returned from their march towards nocturnal blasphemy through dark and mantling clouds. Having gained tremendous strength through whole new experiences upon devestated battelfields the black crusaders were focusing even stronger on the Occult philosophies within their ranks.

Literally being devoured by the might of a self crowned I there was no other option aside channeling this precious newfound wisdom into the complexity of thoughts, visions and prophecies. Thus, carefully molded within the utmost bowels of penciled spiritual vigour Slaughtercult spawned a malignant, pallid creature to henceforth execute their will.

Bestriding an expectorating beast the descend into human perversion, utmost deep thoughts and ritualistic horros began. Within the circle of the possessed a blessed drop discerped from the spirit to set vastness ablaze, thus opening celestial spheres for the Cult to conquer. A journey further into abyssmal grounds once more backed up by loyal deeds of producer A. Rave.

Upholding hell's glistering bane as foul winds graze ceremonial robes:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Emporonorr - Bass


2006 - 2009 The 5th Chapter - Saldorian Spell

A decade had been evoked elevating D. N. Slaughtercult to new found heights. From the very spires of chaos plunging down, descenting to the last circle. Leaving the weak and feeble behind - for them to dispatch the curse of uncreation, the Cult primarily focussed on the essence of existence - the ruthless stride afar the well tread out path.

Henceforth the worthless's sorrow came with pure malevolence.

Through the ashen remains of ancient times rose a previous darkened existence. A shadow absorbing pencilled vigour in order to manifest Saldorian Spells amongst the Cult, once more relying on the keen and thorough presence of long time producer A. Rave (Soundsight Studio).

A crimson pact was signed beneath the moon at retreating horizons. For no other reason but to eventually provide more time to paint audible landscapes with a color named utmost black!

Chiming the bells of a saturnine chapel:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Grigorr - Bass


2009 - 2012 The 6th Chapter - Necrovision

Harken! Although having signed a saldorian covenant there was need for yet another treaty sealing a long time companionship. Thus the Cult joined forces with Purgatory for an alliance entitled "The Legion of Chaos".

Still witnessing the impact of the Cults latest spell a new chapter was augured. As the predecessor merely opened the archaic portal it was upon time to demystify the blackness awaiting beyond the threshold. As more and more time trickled away - like primordial sapphirine driplets bedewing desiccated tongues - a more sinister aura radiated from the unkown onto the palace empty of God. The portal couldn't be kept open for much longer, thus with keen bedevilment nine necrocosmic visions were manifested.

Whilst an era comes to an end another era dawns. May these visions be perceived for what they truely are - for upon their arrival night eternally reigns.

Transcending the Necrocosmos:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Adversarius - Bass


1999 - The Pest Called Humanity (Demo)

2001 - The Pest Called Humanity / Luciferian Dark Age (Split)

2001 - Follow The Calls For Battle

2003 - Underneath Stars Of The East / Emptyness (Split)

2004 - Nocturnal March

2006 - Hora Nocturna

2008 - Evoking A Decade (Compilation)

2009 - Saldorian Spell

2011 - The Legion Of Chaos (Split)

2013 - Necrovision

2019 - Mardom



Saldorian Spell - Cover
Seit zwölf Jahren macht dieses schwarzmetallische Abrissunternehmen schon die heimische Szene unsicher, und obwohl es bis auf das feste Duo Onielar (Gitarre, vokale Artikulation) und Velnias (Gitarre)