TYRANT was originally formed in December 1994 by Keisuke and the other two members. In the end of December 1994, a promo tape entitled “Black Crown” was recorded with the 3 members and was a sort of so called Primitive Black Metal. It was not made widely available then, because Keisuke was not satisfied with the result and the style. Although he loved the style, a lot of bands played it much better than them. Afterwards he made up his mind to play a symphonic extreme metal, because he thought it was the best way for his background, the classical music. In order to play a symphonic atmospheric extreme metal, he fired all members mentioned above. Things started to take shape after several lineup changes and the addition of Hidenori on guitars, Ayumi on keyboards and Masaya on drums. Though Ayumi initially started on rhythm guitars, she soon found herself adding depth and a new dimension behind keyboards where she had 10 years of classical training. By the 4 members, they released their 2nd promo tape “Under the Dark Mystic Sky” in the autumn of 1995. It was well received in Japan or so, and soon after the release of their 2nd promo, they recorded the song called “Grudge of Dannoura.” The synergy generated by the quartet can be felt in the song. The song “Grudge of Dannoura” was really well received all over the world and it was eventually released on a compilation album from Portuguese label, Art Production in 1996.


The potential showcased on this release soon secured TYRANT a recording agreement and its debut CD was planned. As a result, they got the deal with Pulverized Records in 1997. All in 1997, they absorbed themselves in a recording of their debut. They released their debut entitled “Under the Dark Mystic Sky” from the label in 1998, which was the same title as their 2nd promo tape. It was highly estimated on some major magazines and fanzines. Many copies were sold all over the world. But it was a pity that Masaya, the drummer left the band just after the release.


In 1999 they did not act at all because they had to look for a new drummer. Though they met some drummers, they could not find good ones whose way to play drums fitted the band style. The band wave repeated over the band. Hidenori, the guitarist of TYRANT left the band in order to join Ritual Carnage. In past days before the release of their debut, Damien of Ritual Carnage played for TYRANT as the rhythm guitarist. By the link he invited him playing for Ritual Carnage. They had to look not only for the drummer but also the guitarist. That problem was over just before the recording of their 2nd release. The addition of Yoshihiro on guitars, Masato on bass guitars and Toshiya on drums made TYRANT much better than before. In February 2000, they signed with Dutch label Displeased Records. By the new members, they entered the studio to record their 2nd album entitled “LEGEND” in 2001. It was released from Displeased Records in the spring of 2002. The release was for the people who love the majestic extreme metal executed with thunderous pace and enchanting harmonies. In fact they were well received by many metal fans and maniacs all over the world.


“LEGEND” was the opus by which they organized their skill, background and so on. After the release of “LEGEND,” they would like to play more atmospheric and brutal opus. In 2003, they composed and composed. On the new tunes they tried to add some classical instruments such as the piano (Though they used them on previous releases, more flashy playing on the new album.), violins, violas, cellos, flutes, pipe organs and so on. On their new album they play their original atmospheric and brutal metal with thrash-metal-like tempo and those instruments. In October 2003, they entered the studio Nest which they used to use from “Under the Dark Mystic Sky” era. Although in January 2004 they mixed the tunes, it was quite difficult for them to mix very well because of many instruments used on their new opus, so they retried to do it in June 2004. But they were not satisfied with the result at all. From December 2004 to January at last they completed. The album entitled “GRIMOIRES” will be released in February 2005 from Japanese metal label, World Chaos. For those who are into atmospheric brutal metal it is MUST item without doubt.

Quelle: - Under The Dark Mystic Sky

2002 - Legend

2005 - Grimoires


Grimoires - Cover
TYRANT gehören zu den bekanntesten Black Metal - Bands Japans und existieren schon seit über zehn Jahren, gründeten sich also nicht "nachträglich", sondern in der Tat zu Zeiten, als diese Musik ihre k