BiografieJarkko Ahola - vocals

Rami Keränen - guitar

Mikko Mattila - guitar

Pasi Ristolainen - bass

Pete Rosenbom - drums

Turkka Vuorinen - keyboards

How does one make a difference? Not by standing silently in the shadows, but bravely stepping to the lime-lights. And then when you have the people’s attention you can either go for the throat or caress them gently with, for example, aural pleasures. Have them eating from your hand or hammer your thesis to their brains.

Coarse, however, is not the way here. Dreamtale instead offers musical delicacies to their audience. Adding a new vocalist, or rather, a singer to the band the power-metallers stepped forward to meet new challenges.

The third album is said to be the hardest to make. I’m not quite sure of what has happened behind the curtains, but with the aid of Timo Tolkki, Dreamtale managed to write a new chapter to the saga of Finnish Power Metal. Recorded at Timo’s Goldenworks studios, the new album dubbed “Difference” consists of 11 new hymns to have your daydreams with, and one song that hints slightly to disco to boot. Marvelous! But dark clouds followed...

It wasn’t long after the recordings of the new album had been finished, when an unexpected piece of news struck the unwary metal audience:“It is time for me and Dreamtale to go separate ways”, said Esa Orjatsalo, the longtime member and the other guitar-bearer of the band.

The parting of Esa and Dreamtale carried out amiably; without any undue hostilities or wanton bickering in the myriad depths of the Internet.

Quickly recovering from the loss of their brother-in-arms, the band was able to find a suitable successor to continue his guitar-wielding duties. The new operator of the six-stringer goes by the name of Mikko Mattila. The third time’s the charm, they say. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see the reactions of the metal community. Emphasis on the unity there.

Music makes an impact on people. It evokes feelings. Whether good or bad, that depends on the listener. Nevertheless it has not left the audience untouched. Their attention has been caught and their emotions stirred.

So there. Difference has been made.

Quelle: - Shadow Of The Frozen Sun (Demo)

2001 - Refuge From Reality (Demo)

2002 - Beyond Reality

2003 - Ocean´s Heart

2005 - Difference



Difference - Cover
Oh weia, die Zahl der STRATOVARIUS - Kopisten hat in den letzten paar Jahren arg zugenommen… und dabei geben nicht alle so eine gute Figur ab wie etwa TWILIGHTNING.