BiografieEmerging from the streets of New York City, Mahavatar, a young and upcoming band set forth to deliver their message to the masses...

In the summer of 1999, Jamaican guitarist Karla Williams joined forces with Israeli vocalist Lizza Hayson to form the nucleus of Mahavatar. Armed with their shared desire for freedom and mind exploration through music, these two artists set out to create the sonic atmospheres that would speak to a new generation of listeners hungry for a sound that tapped into emotions not yet experienced. After several months of writing and rehearsing, Mahavatar entered Bomb Shelter Recordings, NYC to record their first single... "The Time Has Come". One hundred copies of Promo 2000 were printed and distributed amongst friends and industry. It was obvious to the Mahavatar clan that the people were open to receive the message of the revolution and that their time had surely come. With the help of engineer/musician Gonen Ron and Bobby Hambel of Biohazard, Mahavatar entered Bomb Shelter Recordings again to record Demo 2000. Once again, the band printed up 100 copies, which were sent out to magazines, radio, and industry people around the world... the feedback was overwhelming.

Magazine reviews from all over the world have come back with much praise and the desire to hear more. The common theme that runs through all is that the sound of Mahavatar is beyond anything heard before. Many bands have been attributed as influences, but all agree that Mahavatar represent a unique force in the music world. Mahavatar have also been featured on radio stations in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands and the USA. One of the many stations that help spread the message of Mahavatar in the USA is 89.5 FM WSOU, Seton Hall´s Pirate Radio, where Mahavatar´s "The E Song" was chosen as the Street Patrol Show Cut. WSOU is a New Jersey based national college radio station that averages 100,000+ listeners a week and is the most popular radio station on the East Coast for hard-edged music. Mahavatar also maintained a strong presence on, where "The Time Has Come" was #1 on the Doom/Stoner metal charts for 10 weeks and attained a top 40 position in the overall metal charts. Mahavatar´s worldwide fan base is growing steadily every day as the masses receive increased exposure to their message... a cult following in the making.

Mahavatar have also caused quite a stir within the New York City music scene in clubs like the world famous CBGB, L´Amour, Castle Heights, Continental, The Elbow Room, Meow Mix and Lion´s Den. Not only connecting with those who are into heavy music; listeners of metal, punk, gothic, jazz, hard core, classical, blues, progressive, pop, industrial, alternative, country, and rock-n-roll continue to be taken in by the energy that is Mahavatar. The message is clear; Mahavatar appeals to all. Possessing a special chemistry that radiates to the crowd during live performances, Mahavatar perform dark, melodic, groove-based tribal sounds that culminate into an indisputable energy. While creating powerful hooks with shape-shifting atmospherics and rhythmic punch, Mahavatar touches the soul, moves the body and forces the listener to ask,"What the @#*$%?"... Mahavatar is the next step towards enlightenment... Mahavatar lifts your spirits with the hope of a mind hypnotic vision towards revolution.

After two very successful demos and several changes in the line-up Mahavatar signed with Cruz Del Sur Music and in February 2004 entered Purple Light Studios to record their debut album "Go with the NO!"

The recording session was brought forth by Karla and Lizza with the help of three session musicians: T-Bone Motta on drums, Szymon Maria Rapacz on bass, and Miko on keys under the technical assistance of Michael Barile (Candiria, Vasaria, 40 Below Summer, E-Town Concrete).

After five months of recording and mixing Mahavatar is now finally free to show the world what their music is made of with their debut CD. Combining Karla´s darkly aggressive groove-heavy guitar sound and the mesmerizing versatility of Lizza´s voice, which goes down to the pits of hell only to resurface with raw melodic emotion, "Go with the NO!" is a suffered yet hopeful kaleidoscopic work directed to all those restless souls that do not feel satisfied with today´s music.

Mahavatar provide the answer to the question, "What is the future of sound"? With members hailing from different parts of the globe, it´s no wonder they stir the senses of all who dare to open their minds to their message. The revolution has begun... will you join them now?

Lizza Hayson - Vocals

Karla Williams - Guitars

Shahar Mintz - Guitars/Vocals

Szymon Maria Rapacz - Bass

Eran Asias - Drums

Previous Members:

Peter Lobodzinski, co-founder - Drums (1999-2001)

Benjamin Serf, co-founder - Bass (1999-2000)

Eddie Gasior - Bass (2000-2003)

Itamar Ben-Zakay - Drums (2003)

Roi Star - Drums (2005 -2006)

Quelle: - Promo 2000

2000 - Demo 2000

2003 - Demo 2003

2005 - Go With The No!

2006 - From The Sun, The Rain, The Wind, The Soil


From The Sun, The Rain, The Wind, The Soil  - Cover
Ein Release, den ich nicht so ganz verstehe!
Go With The No! - Cover
Aus New York stammt diese Formation, die 1999 von der jamaikanischen Gitarristin Karla Williams und der israelischen Sängerin Lizza Hayson gegründet wurde.