BiografieDAEMONLORD was born from Kepa’s mind in early 2000. During their first two years of existence they released two demos that helped them to get their first contract to release their debut album through MEDUSA PRODUCTIONS. As a result, “The Sign” saw the light in 2002. Once the album was out, other labels showed interest in the band. Consequently, “Aarstrand”, the band’s first vinyl release, was also out, this time through KETZER RECORDS. This label would become decisive in the future of the band.

In 2004, DAEMONLORD prepared their second full length, titled “Of War and Hate”. Although KETZER RECORDS showed interest, they decided to release the album through HEAVEN ABLAZE from Australia in order to make things quicker. Reviewers praised the quality of the new work, which got high marks in recognised publications.

In that same year, DAEMONLORD also released the “Coil of Devastation” Single through NECROMANCER RECORDS and the “The End of the Era” MiniLP through KETZER RECORDS.

Before beginning to compose the third full length, KETZER RECORDS decided to re-release the band’s second album and promoted them with their first European Tour: “Total Annihilation Over Europe ..2005”... In that same year, two split albums were released: the “Bonded by Hatred” EP and the “Acerbus Mortis” CD.

During 2006 the band was focused on their third full length, which was released through KETZER RECORDS with the title “Hellfire Centuries”. The expectations were high, but the band wasn’t completely satisfied with the production and the mixing. Two further split albums were released this year: “The Final Order” EP with GRAVEWURM and the “9 Bullets in the Face of Christ” CD with SATANIZER.

After so many releases in such a short period of time, the band decided to take a rest. They didn’t release anything during 2008 and 2009. However, in 2010 Kepa began to compose the fourth full length, which will be released at the beginning of 2011. Quelle: - Unsacred Soul (Demo)

2001 - As Bastard As God (Demo)

2002 - As Bastard As God (Split)

2002 - The Sign (Key Of The Underworld-Regained)

2002 - Aarstrand (7"-EP)

2003 - The End Of The Era (EP)

2004 - The End Of The Era (12"-MLP)

2004 - Coil Of Devastation (7"-EP)

2004 - Of War And Hate

2005 - Acerbus Mortis (Split)

2005 - Bonded By Blood (Split-7")

2006 - Hellfire Centuries

2006 - 9 Bullets In The Face Of Christ (Split)

2007 - The Final Order (Split-7")

2011 - Godless Prayers


Godless Prayers - Cover
Das spanische Duo Kepa und Egnar (der den ca.