The first time the two founding members Arisjel and Markus discussed the idea of a new band, combining the strength of dark and melodic black metal with the melancholy and depression of the rising death/doom realm, was sometime around 1994 when the two young death/black metal fans travelled through Sweden. It was a great and important journey with some challenging experiences. 

Then after two more years - when Markus had some exciting song ideas - he asked Arisjel to form Autumnblaze. Together they let their creativity run free, trying out a lot of different and unconventional ideas. 

After the first demo “Dreaming moonspark fairylands” german Indie Label Prophecy Productions released the first EP “Every silent moment I weep” and the debut album “DaemmerElbenTragoedie” in 1999. 

Autumnblaze quickly moved to the pale and dark landscapes of “Bleak” (2000). Critically acclaimed, the third record entitled “Mute boy Sad Girl” (2002) turned out to be rather experimental, taking ways into an alternative direction. 

By that time, however, the story of Autumnblaze became dramatic in a way. The beginning of the “dark years” was staged by a ridiculous accident. In the end, Arisjel left the band. After the post-rock album “Words are not what they seem” (2004) was released, Markus (Arisjel was not a member since “Mute boy Sad girl”) finally announced the temporary end of Autumnblaze in November 2005.

Still Autumnblaze would not be what they are today if not for this story of losing and rediscovering friendship. After all, like a tiny little thread that never was lost, the connection between the founding members Airsjel and Markus regained strength and after years of silence, they built up their friendship again, step by step with patience and respect.

In 2008 finally Autumnblaze (with Arisjel and Markus) were back in their old strength and the band recorded the dark and gloomy “Perdition Diaries” album released 2009 by Prophecy Productions.

The next release was „Every sun is fragile“ (2013), combining all the strength of former releases.

In 2018 the digital single „Philia“ was the beginning of a new creative period, leading to new songs, breaking boundaries and former limitations.


1997 - Dreaming Moonspark Fairylands (Demo)

1998 - Every Silent Moment I Weep (EP)

1999 - DämmerElbenTragödie

2000 - Bleak

2002 - Mute Boy, Sad Girl

2002 - Lighthouses (EP)

2003 - The Mute Sessions (Compilation)

2004 - Words Are Not What They Seem

2009 - Perdition Diaries

2013 - Every Sun Is Fragile

2018 - Philia (EP)

2020 - Welkin Shores Burning



Every Sun Is Fragile - Cover
Auf ihrem letzten Album „Perdition Diaries“ von 2009 wandelten die Saarländer noch weitgehend kitschfrei auf den Pfaden von KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST zu „Draconian Times“-Zeiten