BiografieGUY MANNING is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with an eye toward ambitious concepts, something he shares in common with earlier artists like CAT STEVENS and ROGER WATERS. In fact, his music has been described as an acoustic PINK FLOYD (comparisons to THE MOODY BLUES also hold).

Known to prog rock fans through his work with PARALLEL OR 90 DEGREES, MANNING released his first solo album, "Tall Stories For Small Children," in 1999. His sophomore effort was a concept album that featured a reunion of sorts with PARALELL´s Andy Tillison. "The Ragged Curtain" dutifully followed in 2002. MANNING stands poised to inherit the mantle of the melancholy bard which has long been the birthright of England´s moody geniuses.

"The View From My Window" (2003) is centred on the 20 minute epic Suite : "Dreams" about the different ways that we all look at and perceive the world. This album utilises far more nice proggy layers, good guitar solo´s, keyboards, mellotrons all over the place and Laura with her sax is always good to hear.
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2000 - The Cure

2001 - Cascade

2002 - The Ragged Curtain

2003 - The View From My Window

2004 - The Press Pack Sampler

2004 - A Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)

2005 - One Small Step...


One Small Step... - Cover
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