BiografieMartiria was formed back in 1987 by Massimo Di Vincenzo (vocalist) and Andy "Menario" Menarini ( a guitar player with an epic/power metal style such as : Warlord, Manowar).

At the beginning the band was very much oriented on Doom Metal sound such as: early Candlemass and Black Sabbath.

As the time goes by, the band naturally evolves and featuresvarious musicians up to 1998 when decide to take a brake for a while in order to experience different projects.

About a year ago, Andy Menario after an intense live activity with cover bands and recording studio work with DUNWICH ( "Sul monte è il tuono"- Black Widow Records and "Il chiarore sorge due volte"- Pick up Records) decides to get back to the Martiria project by involving musicians that were well known in the area of Rome.

Dario Daneluz, a vocalist with musical influences ranging from soul-dance to rock nu-metal, but most fo all a great front man with years of experience in many professional situation.

Maurizio Capitini, a genuine classic metal drummer previously member of Astaroth and Stiff also sound engineer of Martiria project.

Derek Maniscalco, bass player that comes with a style from the 70´s progressive rock such as Pink floyd and Genesis.

Our goal is, starting from a very classic epic metal sound, to create a new style able to get the listener involved by heavy riffs and grooves to be shared with acoustical atmospheres featuring ancient and classical instruments leading to traditional melodies.

Just in the november 2003, Andy Menario contact (with help of Bill Tsamis - Warlord) Rick Anderson, ex Warlord´s singer, and the great melodics and powerfull Rick´s voice will be the key of caratheristics and superlative sound of the band.

In the same year, Andy knows Marco Capelli, italian writer and poet, who writes the lyrics of the ten songs presented in the new album: The Eternal Soul.

The result is a mix of different styles, atmospheres and nuances that make MARTIRIA a unique band.
Quelle: The Eternal Soul


The Eternal Soul - Cover
Nicht nur durch die ehemalige Anwesenheit Rick Anderson’s als Sänger bei der göttlichen Epic Metal - Formation WARLORD erinnert das Schaffen dieser vornehmlich italienischen Truppe an Bill Tsamis’ Kni