Niklas and Stefan have played together in different constellations in the past and after working on different projects for 6 or 7 years they met again and they decided to start a new band all over again. Several months later they finally met Daniel and Johan. All four guys where into the same kind of music so they decided to get things seriously started. We speak about July 2002 then.

Soon after the first demo “Signs of Hypnotica” was recorded at Scenteria’s home studio and result was okay for a start. Instead of spreading the songs too much Scenteria recorded another 4-track called “Descent of Darkness” in October 2002. This time more professional with even a mix done in Slaughterhouse Studio. This demo was an improvement in music and quality and thus it was send out to several record companies, with little response.

A third demo called “Path of Silence” was recorded in 2003 and again a big improvement was made and this time even a couple of record-labels showed their interest. New Aeon Media did the best proposal and so Scenteria signed with N.A.M. in the beginning of 2004. The album “Art of Aggression” was recorded early 2004 and it is a massive Thrash attack that will definitely surprise a lot of people! Quelle: of Aggression 2004 www


Art Of Aggression - Cover
SCENTERIA sind der nächste Haufen Langhaariger Schweden, die modernen Thrash Metal à la THE HAUNTED oder CARNAL FORGE machen.