Gory Blister

BiografieThe band was formed in 1991, a three member line-up with Joe, drumz, the only 1 still on the run. A couple of demos were released, Spoilt by greed (1991) and Hanging down the sounds (1993) which soon caught the attention of mags, gaining a privileged position in the italian death scene, due to their particular cool and original sound and the technical ability the band put in Death Metal.
Unfortunately, many and frequent line-up troubles happened to menace the existence of the band itself; nontheless Joe and Raff (guitarz), with the help of Nosferatu records, succeeded in releasing their debut miniCD Cognitive Sinergy, which included all the unreleased tracks. Several live gigs followed and Gory Blister became a real cult-band in the underground.
Gory Blister style, a mix of schizophrenic violence and impredictable ability, is continually evolving so the band decided to enter the studio to record the new real full length, entitled ART BLEEDS, showing the old Coroner, Morbid Angel and Kreator influences, wonderfully enriched by the great Death-style from Individual Thought Patterns. The lyrics are real poems and are supported by visual works of art. The ART BLEEDS line-up include also Mike on bass and Dani (the great NODE singer) on vocals.
Now the band has been joined by Adry, a real perfect front-man and great singer for the new Gory Stuff. While working brand new stuff out, evolving both songwriting and aggression, GORY BLISTER are arranging for several live shows in Italy and abroad with the brand new line up including also Fredrick on bass, a brand crushing new GORYone!

The ART BLEEDS cd could be in stores just now, after the deal with sekhmet records (Paris, France), so go and listen to the new Gory releae! Yes guys, we did it, ART BLEEDS is out!!!

Death Metal Is A Form Of Art�And Art Forever Bleeds!Quelle: Synergy

Art Bleeds


Art Bleeds - Cover
DEATH! Ganz einfache Sache. GORY BLISTER klingen wie DEATH, obwohl ich bei dem Bandnamen mit (mehr oder weniger stumpfen) Goregrind gerechnet hätte.
Graveyard Of Angels - Cover
GORY BLISTER konnten schon mit „Art Bleeds” zeigen, dass sie in Sachen DEATH-Huldigung zu den echten Könnern zählen.