BiografieEx-Disgorge vocalist Matti Way and Brodequin front man Jamie Bailey return with their most brutal alliance yet, Liturgy! Since the first rumor was uttered about this bands existence massive hype and high expectations ran rampant throughout the death metal underground scene. “Dawn of Ash” has surpassed those expectations ten fold and is sure to set Liturgy high atop the extreme music mountain. Simply put “Dawn of Ash” is a genre defining release and hands down the most intense, non-stop album that has been released in years!Quelle: www


Montag 30.03.2015
Hunter Hunt Hendrix, the main artist behind US-based black metal band LITURGY, is without a doubt one of the most interesting and controversial musicians of today's music scene. "The Ark Work", the new output of LITURGY, shows the band moving away from black metal. It's a record which is hard to comprehend, hard to listen to, hard to endure.


Dawn Of Ash - Cover
Disgorge und Brodequin stehen schon seit langer Zeit für kompromißlosen Death Metal, der ob ultra-tiefem Gegrunze und Blastlastigkeit nicht jedem gefallen dürfte.