BiografieIt was the year 1999, when the summer sun eclipsed
and darkness brought four men together
to form the line-up of ASMODEUS:
Tyr (guitars), Desdemon (bass / vocals) , Lestat (guitars / add. vocals) and Ashrak (drums).

Desdemon and Tyr had already recorded a few songs,
which can be found on the CDemo "Supreme Surrender".
It was a raw Death / Black Metal,
both aggressive and melancholic,
guiding the listener into the gloomy realms of eternal distress.

Soon the band was ready to present itself live on stage.
In November 1999 Asmodeus showed their hometown Graz
Austria´s darkest kind of Black Metal,
when they played as a support of THIRD MOON from Linz.

New compositions were recorded
and released in January 2000.
The CDemo "As The Winter Moon Bleeds"
intensified the depressing atmosphere of the first CDemo,
while the music was now pure Black Metal.

At that time Asmodeus had the honour to support
During spring a few concerts in Graz and its surroundings were played,
which brought a great feedback within the local scene.

In late summer the next songs were ready to be recorded.
Once again the rehearsal room was turned into a recording studio,
and the band gave it´s best
to achieve a CDemo to be proud of.

The result of these efforts was presented in November:
"Embers Of Aeon".
Much faster than ever before,
with even more of their sinister melodies,
Asmodeus created a sombre opus
that won´t let you escape.

At the end of the year the time had come
for the first concert abroad,
when Asmodeus were invited to Slovenia´s capital Ljubljana.

In the beginning of 2001 more concerts in Slovenia followed,
also some gigs in Graz, Vienna and Klagenfurt.
Two songs from "Embers Of Aeon" were released
on the CD samplers of Ablaze # 36 and Eternity # 18.
The band had been invited to support SIX FEET UNDER and FLESHCRAWL,
and to join the HELL ON EARTH festival.

A new era has arisen when Lestat left the band and Naroth joined to strenghten us as
a permanent member. May dark forces bless the coming of the storm...

And the infernal Horde got blessed!
All creatures shall fear, the army of the underworld has arrived.
"Phalanx Inferna" has been freed!
The 24th of November 2003 should shatter the world, when the army of underworld had arrived. "Phalanx Inferna" ! Asmodeus released their first full length album via Twilight records. Because of lots of good response ASMODEUS were invited to many international and national gigs in the year 2004.
In April 2005, the first tour took place through Europe with Belphegor, Arkhon Infaustus and In Aeternum. After this tour Naroth and soon after him, Ashrak left the band.

A long search for new permanent members began and finally – in october 2005 a new drummer, called Malthus was recruited.
December 2005: Asmodeus enters the Infinite Sounds Studios. With T.T. (Abigor) on the wheels, "Imperium Damnatum" was recorded. This masterpiece is the undisputable highlight in the history of the band. Never before, such an album filled with darkness, brutality and spite was created, not to be surpassed easily.

Quelle: Inferna CD 2003

Imperium Damnatum CD 2006


Imperium Damnatum - Cover
Das Black-Metal-Trio aus Österreich ist jüngst mit Dark Funeral, den Labelkollegen von Endstille und Co. unterwegs, angepinselt und böse - letzteres versuchen sie musikalisch zu untermauern.