Leaves‘ Eyes are the historians of Metal. Every album puts to music a chapter of Nordic mythology or one of the Nordic sagas. ‘Lovelorn’ (2004) delved into the mystical world of a mermaid. The legendary ‘Vinland Saga’ brought the Vikings to life in 2005 and entered the album charts, kicking off the wave of success which saw the bombastic ‘Njord’ (2009) continue the adventurous journey of these medieval mariners. ‘Meredead’ with its Celtic folk sounds went on to take the ghosts of the marine world by surprise. The Metal opera “Symphonies Of The Night” (2013) was a monument to the heroic women of past centuries. The musicians’ fascination with myths and the powerful nature of the Nordic countries is tangible in all their compositions. Every Leaves‘ Eyes album is a soundtrack for a history told in multilingual concepts. In 2015 Leaves‘ Eyes delivered an impressive monumental opus about the first king of Norway in their epic ‘King Of Kings’, a sophisticated concept album which garnered chart positions in numerous countries (no. 15 in Germany, among others) and consolidated the footprint of this style-defining act in the foundations of Symphonic Metal. Sold-out shows in Europe, Asia, North and South America (a US tour with Sabaton in 2017, among others) during their ‘King Of Kings’ global tour attest to enthusiastic reactions worldwide. Their live shows are spectacular events featuring breathtaking stage sets like a Viking ship or the unforgettable ‘Swords in the Stone’ monument.


2004 - Into Your Light (Single)

2004 - Lovelorn

2005 - Elegy (EP)

2005 - Vinland Saga

2006 - Legend Land (EP)

2009 - We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga Í Belgia (Live)

2009 - We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga Í Belgia (Video)

2009 - My Destiny (EP)

2009 - Njord

2010 - At Heaven's End (EP)

2011 - Meredead

2011 - Melusine (EP)

2013 - Symphonies Of The Night

2015 - Halvdan The Black (Single)

2015 - The Waking Eye (Single)

2015 - King Of Kings

2016 - Edge Of Steel (2016 version) (Single)

2016 - Fires In The North (EP)

2017 - Across The Sea (Single)

2018 - Jomsborg (Single)

2018 - Sign Of The Dragonhead (Single)

2018 - Sign Of The Dragonhead

2018 - Riders On The Wind (Single)

2019 - Night Of The Ravens (Single)

2019 - Serkland (Single)

2019 - Black Butterfly (EP)

2020 - Dark Love Empress (Single)

2020 - The Last Viking



Legend Land (EP) - Cover
Nur wenige Monate nach ihrer Soloscheibe "Enter My Religion" scheint Liv Kristine des Musizierens nicht müde - ihre Hauptband LEAVES’ EYES überbrückt nämlich die Zeit zwischen ihrem letztjährigen erfo
Lovelorn - Cover
Gothic - Freaks aufgepasst: THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Frontfrau Liv Kristine und ihr Gatte, ATROCITY - Mastermind Alex Krull, haben hier ein neues Sideproject am Start, das von Herrn Krull produziert, von
Njord - Cover
Konnte die ATROCITY-Nebenbeschäftigung LEAVES EYES mit ihrem Debütalbum „Lovelorn“ im Jahr 2004 noch einen wirklich guten Überraschungserfolg landen, so haben sich im Laufe der Jahre einig
Symphonies Of The Night - Cover
Freunde des Symphonic Metal konnten in den letzten Monaten ja geradezu in eine Art Kaufrausch geraten, glänzte doch die überwältigende Mehrzahl der Genre-Größen mit neuen Veröffentlichungen.