BiografieWhich Dutch punk band has kept the same line up for over 18 years and has played over 1500 gigs? The only possible answer to that question is: The HEIDEROOSJES (pronounced: Hi-The-Rose-Yes)

Punk was never big in Holland. Even in the seventies, when safety pins and roadsign-sized buttons were all the craze, no band had ever made it past the social security office. But twenty years after the first wave of pissed off loudmouth bands, four boys from the south of Holland changed all the rules: they sold hundreds of thousands records, had hit singles, played sold out tours, and were the subject of a best-selling book. All that without a proper record deal.
The genesis of the Heideroosjes is a classic rock ´n´ roll story: Starting in 1989 with four teenagers, getting together in a barn to exorcise the boredom with loud, fucked up music that scared away the cows and made the neighbors complain. In the small rural town where they lived and went to school, they were considered outsiders (of course they´re local heroes now). They looked funny, acted funny and dug records no one else in the local youth club wanted to hear. The Heideroosjes were not cool.

But while the Heideroosjes were being snubbed by the Punk Rock Police, they struck a nerve with kids all over the country. The crowds that came to their shows could relate to every word singer Marco screamed into the mic. No poses, no frills, just straight from the heart rock ´n´roll. The Heideroosjes were for real.
Their first self-produced albums sold by the bucketload. Solely by word of mouth, they sold out clubs everywhere they went. And by the time the media finally noticed the band, they had landed a spot at the most prestigious major Dutch festival called Pinkpop(1995). It proved to be their breakthrough performance. From that moment on their trademark red T-shirts dominated all the festival fields, and not only in Holland and Belgium. The Heideroosjes managed to get their records out all over the world. The boys became men and their band became a rocking tourmonster. New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, Sarajevo, Dublin, Johannesburg South Africa? You name it, they played it. They toured with Bad Religion, Pennywise and The Offspring, prompting Offspring guitarist Noodles to write in his tour diary: "I have a new favourite band, The Heideroosjes. Imagine the energy and level of NOFX, and multiply it with Rage Against the Machine. These guys rock and make me feel old."

Now, 7 albums and a DUTCH GRAMMY AWARD later, Heideroosjes have just released a new album called CHAPTER EIGHT, THE GOLDEN STATE. Recorded in Los Angeles (CA) with esteemed producer Cameron Webb (who has worked with Motorhead, Limp Bizkit, Sum 41, Ignite, and Social Distortion, to name a few..).

?Being in this band for so long feels like living an adventure novel ? explains singer/guitarist Marco. ?And now we?re heading for Chapter Eight of this journey, recorded in ?The Golden State? California. So that?s why we chose this album title. The new album presents a band which has made an advantage out of being together for so many years, resulting in a loud mix of punk, hardcore, metal and folk. Sometimes furious and angry (?FORGOTTEN CONTINENT? featuring IGNITE singer Zoli Teglas), sometimes poppy (?LEKKER BELANGRIJK?) and sometimes cynical (?MY FUNERAL? with a spoken word intro by Lemmy from MOTORHEAD). All this with lyrics in Dutch and English. ?I?m still pissed about all the shit that?s going on in this world? says Marco about his explicit lyrics.

CHAPTER EIGHT, THE GOLDEN STATE will keep the band on the road for all of 2007, where they?re bound to once again impress audiences all around the world. Like they did at the SouthBySouthwest festival in Austin, Texas, last year?in a raving review the Austin Chronicle wrote; ?They burn more calories and write better songs than the standard-issue American punk band, and blew the first two bands right out the front door. Now there´s a lesson in how to rock.?

And now you probably want to know what the name Heideroosjes means. It means... oh fuck it, go find a dictionary!

Quelle: http://www.heideroosjes.comDiscografieAlbums

# Noisy Fairytales (?92) Fairytale Records

# Choice for a lost generation (?94) Fairytale Records

# Fifi (?96) Play It Again Sam (PIAS)

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Chapter Eight - The Golden State (2007


# Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (´95) Play It Again Sam (PIAS)

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#Fistfuckparty at 701 (´98) Play It Again Sam (PIAS)

# Iedereen is gek (Behalve jij) (´99) EPITAPH

# Time is ticking away (´99) EPITAPH

# Ik wil niks! (´01) EPITAPH

# Billy Broke a bottle (again) (´01) EPITAPH

# Damclub Hooligan (´03) EPITAPH


# Würst und Käse (´97)

# Break the public peace (´98)

# Iedereen is gek (behalve jij) (´99)

# Ik wil niks! (´01)

# Billy Broke a bottle (again) (´01)

# Damclub Hooligan (´03)



Chapter Eight, The Golden State - Cover
Die HEIDEROOSJES wachsen in Holland, man könnte aber auch denken, sie kämen aus L.A.