BiografieDESENSITISED have been around since 2001. The band was not actually formed but evolved from the band CATAFALQUE, from which Susan (guitars/additional vocals), Steven (vocals) and Rutger (drums) had been previous members.
In July 2002 their first MCD “Thriving on carnage” was released by the Dutch Bleedin’ Hemorrhoids records and was generally very well received in many magazines worldwide. “Thriving on carnage” contains seven songs of old-school death metal incorporating elements of grindcore.
In June 2003 DESENSITISED entered the studio again to record five new songs for their second release “Bought Beauty”, which shows the band’s progress. They have developed a more brutal and tighter sound. Early 2004 the “Bought Beauty” tracks will be released as a split CD by Czech Grodhaisn productions.
DESENSITISED have played some successful gigs, amongst others with Pungent Stench and Arch Enemy.
During the years the band faced some major changes in their line-up.
Nevertheless, they persevered and will grind on!Quelle: - Thriving On Carnage

2004 - Bought Beauty (Split w/ PEACH-HER)


Bought Beauty - Cover
"Thriving On Carnage” ist ja mittlerweile schon fast zwei Jahre alt, da wurde es Zeit für die Holländer DESENSITISED, mal wieder neues Material aufzunehmen.
Thriving On Carnage - Cover
Frauen am Mikro sind im Metalbereich noch immer ungewöhnlich, gerade in der Brutalo-Ecke gibt’s da nur wenige.
Virus Of Violence - Cover
Nach einem mehr oder weniger kompletten Line-Up-Wechsel (von der Urbesetzung ist nur noch Gitarristin Susan dabei) haben Hollands DESENSITISED Anfang 2005 ihr neues Album "Virus Of Violence" fer
Virus Of Violence - Cover
Die fünf Songs der Promo von Anfang 2006 haben nicht zu viel versprochen und DESENSITISED schlußendlich einen Label-Deal eingebracht.