Fuck The Facts


Fuck The Facts first started taking shape in 1998 as a recording project of Topon Das. Many early recordings were made and released through various DIY labels.

In early 2000, the first full lengh was recorded; Discoing The Dead (released independantly), as well as a track for the Worldwide Violence 7-inch compilation (Zas! Autoprod).

Soon after, local drummer Matt Connell joined Topon and the two together decided to make F.T.F. a full band, enlisting the talents of Tim Audette (guitar), Brent Christoff (vocals) and Shomir Das (bass). Within just weeks, Shomir would quit and the band would never see another bass player again. The 4-four piece soon started playing shows regularly in Ontario and Québec. They have since played many shows with such bands as Exhumed, Today Is The Day, The End, Quo Vadis, Rotting, Vesperian Sorrow, Figure Four, Mesrine, Martyr, Head Hits Concrete and many more.

In the fall of 2001, the band entered the studio to record trax for a split 7-inch with italian Grind band Kastrat (Zas! Autoprod/Nuclear Assualt Recs.). Following the recording, F.T.F. parted ways with Brent. He was soon replaced by Mel Mongeon (ex-Disjonction). With the new line-up, the band then entered the studio to record the song The Burning Side for the Goreland CD compilation (Black Hole Productions). This was followed shortly by a Canadian tour in the summer of 2002.

Upon return, F.T.F. recorded two new tracks as well as two cover songs (Confession by Unholy Grave and Empty Words by Death) for the still to be released split 7" with Sylvester Staline (Anvil Of Fury Recs.).

In December 2002, F.T.F. embarked on a east coast Canadian tour. Then they re-entered the studio to finish up recording of their new full lenght CD; Backstabber Etiquette, their first album Grind It! Records… Effectively mixing the most extreme elements of Grind with brutal and intricate elements of Death Metal, this album is sure to please a wide variety of extreme music lovers!

Quelle: http://www.grinditrecords.netDiscografieBackstabber Etiquette - Out June 1st 2003 on GrindIt! Records

Split 7-inch w/KASTRAT - !ZAS!/Nuclear Assault 2002

Discoing The Dead CD


Backstabber Etiquette - Cover
Viel Glück hatten die Jungs bis dato wenig. Erst steckte das kanadische Label in dicken Zwistigkeiten mit der Europa-Vertretung.
Disgorge Mexico - Cover
FUCK THE FACTS sind zweifellos eine der heftigsten Bands, die momentan auf Relapse Records beheimatet sind – und das will beim legendären Krachmatenlabel schon was heißen.
Stigmata High-Five - Cover
Vertriebsprobleme wie bei ihrem Debüt "Backstabbers Etiquette" dürften FUCK THE FACTS mittlerweile nicht mehr haben, hat sich doch mit Relapse Records ein solider Partner der Band angenommen.