BiografieA truly new and unique style of bludgeoning, crossover hardcore music has been unleashed on the masses through "THE SUFFERING OF MAN," the newest full length release coming off of Stillborn Records by renowned NY hardcore veterans SUBZERO. This is the highly anticipated follow up from their acclaimed, debut Stillborn release, "NECROPOLIS, CITY OF THE DAMNED e.p." "TSOM" is a down poor of vicious, hard driving up in your face bass & guitar riffs which at times merge into crushing "Sabbathy" breakdowns and grooves in the style of what DEFTONES, HELMET or later day ENTOMBED and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY might consist of. Vintage style thrash breaks and guitar solos scream through out the album. Absolute damaging and monstrous drum beats with impeccable timing exemplify just how an album can still sound heavy as fuck without having to over saturate it with double bass beats. True hardcore lyrics lash out against the establishment and the mainstream with brutally honest, passionate and gut wrenching vocals that tell true to life at times "morbid" tales of horror and reality. Song titles such as SWINGIN´ FROM THE NOOSE, TO YOUR GRAVE, and FORCED TO BLEED that deal with issues of abuse, social injustice, suicide, drug addiction and the will to overcome it all brand this album with the appropriate title, "THE SUFFERING OF MAN." Terrorizer magazine put it best when they said, "While still maintaining the essence of their genuine hardcore roots the band manages to be quite diverse in its musical ethic." This quote holds true to the bone as the band naturally mixes "Cro-Mags" style hardcore with elements and characteristics of classic underground metal (VENOM, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, MOTORHEAD) along with almost "rock like" grooves that you would hear from the likes of DEFTONES or even BLACK SABBATH. Through out the album creeps a chilling feeling of grave terror or at times a complex ambience of wallowing saddness and self loathing which is very rare in the hardcore scene. It´s something that makes it stand out from the norm and will be sure to raise hairs on the backs of necks. Recognized for causing some of the most savage, blood spilling pits in NYC´s infamous CBGB, SUBZERO´s live performance will consume you with pure aggression and ferocity. And in these times of struggle and pain we have to find a positive outlet to release all of that anger and frustration as a cleansing of the mind, body and soul. THE SUFFERING OF MAN is that outlet. SUBZERO is the band that will take you there.

If you are a part of the hardcore scene today and have never heard of SUBZERO then you haven´t been paying much attention. SUBZERO are one of the extremely few hardcore bands to outlast the entire decade of the 90´s and still have the respect today that they earned the hard way while that era of hardcore was still thriving. They´ve helped hold down and keep alive the hardcore music scene over the years through their music and deep involvement in the community within the scene so that new generations of kids to come would have the chance to be a part of the ever growing, world wide family that we call the HARDCORE scene, a community that was built with great sincerity for the people by the people who needed an outlet from the mainstream society which they felt distant from. SUBZERO began back in 1989 with former members of late 80´s straight edge heroes UP-FRONT and legendary mid 80´s hardcore pioneers...BREAKDOWN who were one of the originators of this brutal metallic mosh break, mixed with fist pumping anthem style hardcore music that we see and hear so much of today. Taking the experience that they learned from those bands and combining new and diverse elements of hardcore, punk and metal along with vocalist LU whose ability is something more than just 1 dimensional screaming, SUBZERO became a staple in the scene. With only a couple of street demos and a 7" record release floating around, SUBZERO proved worthy of sharing the stage multiple times with what were top acts of that era (SICK OF IT ALL, CRO -MAGS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, SHEER TERROR, YOUTH OF TODAY) Along with that came a strong underground following and the band was eventually noticed and picked up by top metal label, Century Media Records who put out their debut CD-LP entitled "HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE" SUBZERO gained immediate attention and respect from the hardcore, punk and metal music scenes worldwide. In fact they were one of the first 5 American hardcore bands to ever tour Japan to sold out audiences and open the gates for the bands to come. The most influential critics had nothing but praise for them. The reviews speak for themselves. Here are just a few from some of the most critical aggressive music publications ever to exist to this day. METAL MANIACS MAGAZINE quotes: "SUBZERO ARE ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT FORCES TO BE RECKONED WITH IN NEW YORK HARDCORE......ONE OF NY´s MOST PROMISING AND POWERFUL HARDCORE/METAL ACTS". TERRORIZER MAGAZINE quotes: "THE ALBUM, THOUGH THOROUGHLY DISTRAUGHT WITH GENUINE NYHC RAGE, IS QUITE DIVERSE IN IT´S MUSICAL ETHIC." MAXIMUM ROCK-N-ROLL quotes: "A VERY POWERFUL PACKAGE OF NY HARDCORE HERE, BUT WITH MORE INTELLIGENCE MUSICALLY AND LYRICALLY"

Since the release of "HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE" & after that, "NECROPOLIS, CITY OF THE DAMNED" in 2003, SUBZERO have toured the world many times over as headliners and as a support group under national acts as well. They´ve played all the major festivals in Europe and have shared the stages with the likes of Hatebreed, Motorhead, Bad Brains, Machine Head, Megadeth, Refused, Misfits, Napalm Death, Ramones, Dropkick Murphys and many more as they appeal to such a diverse audience. Now in 2005 with the addition of new members Walter a.k.a "MONSTA" on drums (formerly of MACHINE HEAD, POSSESSED, SNOT, BONE CRUSHER, TESTEMANT and many others) Eddie Ortiz on 2nd guitar (formerly of NYC´s infamous grind core band Cattlepress) SUBZERO are throwing full contact blows to the head. The release of "THE SUFFERING OF MAN" is what this veteran band has gradually matured into over the years which is a pummeling force to be reckoned with. This is honestly the tightest, most passionate and most beastly album they have put out to date and it will stand strong with the best of them. Their stage sound and performance is nothing short of
professional and will absolutely break down the walls with chaos as their loyal fans explode with pure aggression in the pit while bringing forth the honor and the respect SUBZERO has earned through a lot of blood, sweat & tears over the years. If you´re ready to take on an original, one of a kind style of blood curdling hardcore and are ready to unleash some serious frustration.....go out and pick this album up! It will tear your head off! Let the blood baths begin! You´ve been warned. Subzero 2005Quelle: The Suffering Of Man

2003 Necropolic, City Of The Dammed EP

1997 Happiness Without Peace


The Suffering Of Man - Cover
Obwohl SUBZERO Veteranen der New Yorker HC-Szene sind (ihr erstes Demo ist 1993 erschienen), haben sie nie den ganz großen Durchbruch geschafft, so wie MADBALL oder AGNOSTIC FRONT.