BiografieKiju complete their last line- up in November 1997 with the singer Vittorio and debut with the demo-disk "hook my neurons" after many years of underground. Proposing an extreme power-trash-core as result of their experiences; the demo "H.m.N" resume the work of Kiju of the last 2 years, and it is a good example of their music. "Hook my Neurons"demo is recorded at CompuCal studios (their session-room, with a 4-lines tracker-recorder ). All musics and lirycs are by Kiju (except for "Lying" written with F.Galeotti and recorded at Planet Sound studios in Florence). On December 2000, we have recorded more material in Fear Studio in Ravenna. We still waiting for production in September 2001. The lirycs of the songs are about social and political problems, in particular concerning the individual disease in front of the impositions of Society. Quelle: http://www.kiju.itDiscografieHook My Neurons Demo 1999

Nothing To Play For 2002


Nothing To Play For  - Cover
Ach du je … Eine italienische Bande auf einem slowakischen Label - das lässt ja Schlimmes befürchten. Das bereits im Oktober vergangenen Jahres erschienene Debut der Fiorentier aber überrascht.