The Cancer Conspiracy

BiografieComplex polyrythmic psychadelica for the discriminating consumer.
Instrumental, textural and deep. Possible descendents of King Crimson
and Brian Eno. Aaron Turner (Isis, Hydra Head Records)

Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and experience "The Audio Medium".

The songs are alive, and these three musicians are 100% exposed,
devoting themselves to shattering all the preconceptions of rock music.
Psychedelic saxophone, synth sweeps, and layers of guitar build a wall
of sound that is as fun to dissect as it is to accept. Imagine music
speaking to you like a horoscope, mapping out patterns of the unknown
and somehow making the most impossible answer seem obvious. The truth
of chaos lies carefully hidden beneath the confident drums that move
these songs, matched by impervious bass lines that dance between root
note and free exploration. From the attention deficit schizophrenia of
"Loft Complication" to the drawn out movements of the 22-minute title
track, "The Audio Medium" shows an impressive amount of maturity for a
debut full-length.

In the year 2000, whilst contemplating their metal/hardcore background,
these young men realized that by equating heaviness and high volume
certain limitations are imposed on one´s music. At that point the
decision was made to pursue more subtle and straight forward avenues to
the soul. Seamlessly meandering in and out of odd time signatures, this
instrumental unit creates a sound wave that has never been felt before.
This is a refreshing phenomenon in a scene that has for the most part
become largely formulaic and predictable.

Combining the technical prowess of the 1970´s progressive rock movement
with tasteful songwriting and moments of dynamic minimalism, these six
compositions take on a voice that clarifies things in a way that is not
possible with words. The Cancer Conspiracy´s live shows are always worth
experiencing. The Cancer Conspiracy seldom departs from their
developmental prowess, their songs becoming more intentional and direct
from any given performance to the next. All sorts of sonic
possibilities are explored on "The Audio Medium" - low volumes, washed
out noises, and effect-laden feedback, building up to climaxes that take
captivated audiences to a common plane, riding a common pulse.

This is The Cancer Conspiracy.
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Omega - Cover
Nach ihrem ersten Album hatten THE CANCER CONSPIRACY viel vor, erlitten aber einen herben Rückschlag, als ihr Van mitsamt allem Equipment in New York gestohlen wurde.
The Audio Medium - Cover
Meine Herren, viel Glück hab ich nicht mit meinen Versuchen, in die Grenzbereiche des metallenen Universums vorzustoßen. Also, diese Herren kommen aus Vermont.