BiografieCockroach was founded during March 1992 by Alexander Reichelt (drums), Ulrich Mewes (guitar) and Frank Geue (guitar). With this line up the band wrote the first material and during that time the singer Reiner Striegel joined the band. The first songs made the direction of the band clear - thrash metal with death metal influences but still original.
In 1995 the band was reenforced by Klaus Hoffer on the bass guitar. Until this point the band gained a lot of live experience. The first rehearsal demos were made and the preparations for a demo cd started.
In the beginning of 1996 the singer left the band and Frank Geue took over the vocal parts. Anyways the band went into the studio at the end of 1996 for recording "Fi(r)st".
In April 1997 the demo cd was released. In October 1998 Jürgen Kimmel joined the band as new bass player because the band parted ways with Klaus Hoffer for personal reasons and performed without bass player for some time.
At the end of July 1999 the second CD "No Compromise" was recorded in the Sub Zero studios in Backnang. At the End of 1999 the band again parted ways with the bass player Jürgen Kimmel because of missing motivation. In the beginning of 2000 Timo Flöther took over this part.
In November 2002 the third chapter "Temple of Mystery" was released with the help of Supreme Chaos Records. Again, it was recorded in the Sub Zero studios and mixed by Alexander Krull (Atrocity) and should give the band the attention that was missing the whole decade before.
Quelle: http://www.s-c-r.deDiscografie2002 : Temple of Mystery

1999 : No Compromise

1997 : Fi(r)st



Ich hasse es den Musikstil einer Band zu nennen, wenn man es nicht eindeutig kann, aber wenn ich euch hier sagen würde, dass COCKROACK Thrashdeathheavyrock´nRoll Metal mit englischen und deutschen Tex
Temple Of Mystery - Cover
Sacred Reich, heilige Küchenschabe!
The Observer - Cover
Thrash Metal ist nicht so ganz mein Metier. Es gibt zwar einige Bands, die mir gefallen, aber oft kann ich mit einer Thrash-Platte nicht viel anfangen.