BiografieThe story of Heimdall started in 1994 when Fabio Calluori (guitars) and Nicola Calluori (drums) decided to form a heavy metal band. After some changes of line-up, the bass player Giovanni Canu, the guitarist Carmelo Claps and the singer Claudio Gallo joined Heimdall which started an intense live activity.
With this line-up, the band recorded the homonymous demo in 1997 that received great reviews by the specialized press and gave it the opportunity to sign a record-deal with Elevate Records.

In May 1998 “Lord of the Sky”, the first cd of the band, was released. It is a concept-album based on the story of the Nordic god Heimdall, Lord of the sky and Guardian of the mighty bridge Bifrost which links the world of the mortals with the one of the gods.
“Lord of the Sky” had immediately a great success from the public and from the press – it was Top-album on many magazines. Besides, it was licensed and published by Dreamchaser in Japan. In the meanwhile, Sergio Duccilli (keyboards) joined the band, giving a more symphonic and majestic aspect to Heimdall sound.
The great success of “Lord of the Sky” took Heimdall to start an intense live activity, playing many gigs and taking part in many festivals with bands like Sentenced, Labyrinth, 69 Eyes, Domine, Athena and so on. At the beginning of ‘99, Nicola left the band for personal problems and Ottavio Amato became the new drummer. With him, Heimdall went on tour together with Labyrinth, having a great success.

After the acclaimed debut album “Lord of the Sky”, Heimdall recorded the follow-up “The Temple of Theil”, published by Elevate Records in September 1999.
The Japanese edition, released always by Dreamchaser on August 25,1999, contains two bonus tracks: “Breaking the Law”, cover of the classic-song of Judas Priest and the unplugged version of “The Challenge” from the debut cd.
The album shows a great improvement in the song writing and, although still based on flashy guitars, epic tunes, glorious vocals and choruses, presents a really more personal and ‘rich’ touch than on the debut album. The cover is painted by Eric Philippe already known for his artworks for Riot, Stratovarious and Rhapsody.
“The Temple of Theil” received very good responses but after four months from its publication Claudio Gallo left the band.
So the band began searching for a new singer and, in 2001, they met Giacomo Mercaldo. With him, the band completed the composition of the songs for the new album
Now HEIMDALL is back with the 3rd album, titled ‘The Almighty’, with a new record deal (with SCARLET) and a new, vital & inspired song-writing, ready to be offered to the SPEED-POWER-EPIC metal fans devoted to Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Savatage, Manowar, Black Sabbath. ‘The Almighty’ shows once more the great potential of this band that is able to catch the true power of metal-guitar riffs and mix it with refined keyboards arrangements, epic choirs and intense vocal lines.
Recorded at the beginning of 2002, “The Almighty” sees the return of Nicola on drums and will be out in July in Japan and in September in Europe…THE LORD IS BACK!
Quelle: http://www.scarletrecords.itDiscografie1998 Lord Of The Sky

1999 The Temple of Theil

2002 The Almighty



Gruppenbilkd ohne Dame
Dienstag 11.03.2003
"The Almighty” heißt das aktuelle Album der italienischen Power-Metaller HEIMDALL, benannt nach einem nordischen Gott. "Allmächtiger" dachte sich auch Gitarrist Fabio Calluori, nachdem er sich im Rahmen der Grippewelle mächtig einen aufgesackt hatte. Hinderte ihn aber nicht am (englischen) Interview.


Aeneid - Cover
HEIMDALL gehörten Ende der 90er Jahre zu der zweiten Welle an italienischen Power Metal Bands welche nach den Erfolgen von RHAPSODY und LABYRINTH wie Pilze aus dem Boden zu schießen schienen.
The Almighty - Cover
Heimdall ist ein altnordischer Gott, der die Welt erleuchtet, das Gras wachsen hört und in die Zukunft schauen kann. Kann ich alles nicht.