Absolute Steel

BiografieAbsolute Steel was formed by Andy Boss (lead guitar), Dave Bomb (lead guitar) and K2 (vocals) in 1999, as a direct result of getting tired of shitty music like grunge, techno and oh-my-god-I-am-so-angry-I-could-wet-myself-heavy-metal. Their mission was simple and direct, but very important: To play PERFECT PARTY METAL. The metal of the 80´s has always been a perfect formula for a good party, and Absolute Steel wanted to maintain this tradition.

Joined by various drummers and bass players, AS released a demo-album, and a single on their own in 1999-2000. They were quickly picked up and signed by the Norwegian label Edgerunner Records, and released their debut “The Fair Bitch Project” in 2002. On the tour they were joined by bassman Dr. Schmutz and drummer Rick Hagan, who soon became permanent members of the band.

The AS live-show was well received in their home country. Heavy-Metal-Helmets, spinning mic-stands, lots and lots of Pyro and strippers on stage were some of the things the audience could witness. The legendary guitar-duel between Andy Boss and Dave Bomb became a climax for the shows.

After a short tour, AS dug themselves deep down in their studio to write and record new songs. The result: WOMANIZER, an album welded together with the intention of bringing every metalhead-party to an alltime high. As a twist for the fans, Andy Boss and Dave Bomb recorded a solo-track each for all the finger twisters out there. Never before has air-guitar been more challenging and exhausting for the fans.

Today, with a new contract with Black Lotus Records in their pocket, and a brand new album on the rise, Absolute Steel are ready to get back in the ring.
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2001 - Sentence You To Death (Even If You´re Innocent)

2002 - The Fair Bitch Project

2004 - Womanizer

2005 - Womanizer (re-mastered re-release)



The Fair Bitch Project - Cover
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Womanizer - Cover
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