Easy Rider

BiografieEASY RIDER was founded in 1990 by Daniel Castellanos (git), the two brothers Javier, (git) José Villanueva (bass) and Antonio Chaves (drums) in Madrid. Soon, EASY RIDER rocked at a lot of Gigs and Festivals until they became compliments by bands like BLIND GUARDIAN, Y.MALMSTEEN, MOTORHEAD, MANOWAR.

At 1997, EASY RIDER released their first Album “Perfecta Creación“ (LM057) with the new man Eugenio Garañeda, who replaced Javier on Vocals. With great critics given by the journalists and also by the audience, EASY RIDER decided to get closer to the international market, and recorded “Lord Of The Storm“ (LM056) in english.

In 2000 the band signed at Locomotive Music and released their next Album “Evilution“ (LM062). After the following Tour, Eugenio and Antonio leaved the band and were replaced by the american singer Ron Finn and drummer Rafa Díaz . At 2001, the new EASY RIDER line-up recorded their best Album “Regeneration“ (LM085).

Their new Album „Animal“, a great Progressive Heavy Metal album, should be the continuation of the band has achieved in the passed years. With Ron Finns great voice and the musical comprehension within, the success does still not end in year 2004.
Quelle: Creación (1996)

Lord Of The Storm (1998)

Evilution (2000)

Regeneration (2001)

Animal (2004)



Animal - Cover
"Animal" ist bereits das fünfte Album der Formation aus Madrid.
Regeneration - Cover
Als ich zum erstenmal das Cover dieser spanischen Formation EASY RIDER, die mal 1999 zur besten Newcomer Band in ihrer Heimat gewählt wurden, vor mir sah, dachte ich noch so bei mir, ..