BiografieZebulon was risen from the ashes of Desultory, a band formed back in 1989. Between 1993-1996, Desultory released three full-length albums, Into eternity, Bitterness and Swallow the snake. They all recieved great media- and fanresponse and were supported by extensive european touring. After fulfilling the 3-album deal they parted from Metal Blade records and the cooperation was over.

One year earlier, in 1995, the guitarist Stefan Pöge left the band and the recording of Swallow the snake was made by the remaining three-piece, consisting of Thomas Johnson, Klas Morberg and Håkan Morberg. After the recordings, they kept on playing and the music followed the direction taken on Swallow the snake. In early 1997, bass-player Jojje Bohlin completed the lineup and a new step was taken. Zebulon was born.

In february 1998, Zebulon recorded a four-song demo tape with material written during 1997. The songs were recorded in the same studio they´ve always used, Sunlight Studio. In the summer of 1998 Zebulon were contacted by the record company Century Media and a record deal was secured. A year later, in June 1999, Zebulon returned to the studio, this time to Das Boot studio where producerfriend Fred Estby had moved. The mission was to record four songs and to release them both as a 10" vinyl and on CD. The songs were titled: Overflown, The day, Burning fuel and Goddamned.

The four songs were released in january 2000 on the EP "Cape Canaria". Later Cape Canaria received top score (KKKKK) in the British KERRANG, and was voted "single of the week". In December 1999 Zebulon was appearing live for the first time, opening for Entombed. In May 2000 the recordings of the first fullenght albulm were finished, it was entitled "Volume one". Unfortunately the release was delayed until March the following year.

The spring 2002 the journey to record the second album bagan, it ended up beeing a long and winding road… After being in contact with different studios during the spring/summer without any result the choice finally fell on Sunlight studio. For different reasons the recordings did not begin during the fall and not until the first days in January 2003, the drums we´re put on tape and the recordings had finally come to a start. Unfourtunately it also came to a stop right after that since problems came one after the other. The whole following year was a year of waiting, and frustration was growing by the day. The recordings were slowly, slowly moving forward and the vocals were put on tape in august. Then several months were needed just to mix the album. Finally in February 2004, more than a year after the recordings began, the record were mastered. The actual days of recording and mixing was 18! still it took over a year to get it finished. The album title, Troubled ground, speaks for itself.

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Troubled Ground - Cover
"Das ist mir zu viel Wüste" sagt der Torben und reicht mir die CD weiter. Zuviel Wüste kann’s doch gar nicht geben, was täte ich für eine KYUSS-Reunion?