CALIGULA'S HORSE - neues Video "The Stormchaser"!

Zwei Wochen vor der Veröffentlichung ihres sechsten Studioalbums veröffentlicht die australische Progressive Metal-Band CALIGULA'S HORSE den dritten Track "The Stormchaser" vom kommenden Album "Charcoal Grace":

"The Stormchaser" erscheint laut Presseinfo "zusammen mit einem spannenden Musikvideo, das eine bewegende Geschichte erzählt, die die emotionale Seite des Songs unterstreicht". Lead-Gitarrist Sam Vallen sagt über den neuen Track: ""The Stormchaser" is about the divide we all saw through the pandemic. How, rather than banding together to overcome the challenge of those years, many chose to serve themselves at the expense of their community and their society. Watching this, as we all did, was a humbling and infuriating experience, and it has lingered in all of us. Musically, "The Stormchaser" is quite different from those we've revealed so far from "Charcoal Grace", emphasising space, dynamics, and timbre with a particular focus on the emotional range of Jim Grey's vocal."

Quelle: Oktober Promotion