WHISKEY RITUAL: neues Album "Kings" kommt am 09.12.2022

WHISKEY RITUAL sind mit ihrem neuen, fünften Studioalbum fertig. Es wird den Namen "Kings" tragen und am 09.12.2022 via Folter Records veröffentlicht.

Die Band kommentiert wie folgt:

"It’s been 13 years defying death, surrounded by snakes, fake smiles, whores acting like promoters, bullied exes that have the presumption to tell us which bands are trve while all they do is listen to rip-offs.
This record is for our mothers, our families, for those who kiss the holy cross before shooting someone, for our brothers in jail, for violent people, for those who will beat the shit out of you if you’re using fancy english words at the pub, this record goes out to those nights spent eating "aglio&olio" pasta with clenched teeth and 10grams as main course.

This record is for those who will steal your wallet at the gigs, for those transexuals who will tell you the worst things while they’re laughing and peeping through your shades drawn, it’s for those like us with eyes wide open since the 90s, for our friends dead by overdose on a bench, for all that you fear when we get on stage.

Cheers to all Ultras and their ideales, as well as to those men of honour that you call "mafioso", salute to the kids on a scooter, carrying a knife and lots of hash under the saddle.
We’re the Rio Carnival: pretty bitches, dancing, feathers, bright colours, except for the fact that you’ll find yourself fucked and robbed of everything when we’re done.

See you."



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