Prophecy Fest 2021 - vier Neue Bands!

Dark, forward thinking music with an attitude in one of the world's most fascinating cultural locations, the legendary, natural Cave of Balve ("Balver Höhle") in the heart of Germany. Prophecy Fest in the label's 25th anniversary year is proudly announcing four more acts for the festival's three days and nights from Thursday, September 9 to Saturday, September 11:
PRIMORDIAL continue the by now firmly established tradition for exciting bands from other labels to receive an invitation to Prophecy Fest. Luckily, Ireland's finest agreed to the proposal and are now determined to deliver PRIMORDIAL's only live performance in over a year at the cave. 

Markus "Schwadorf" Stock, who has already been confirmed to enchant the culture cave with EMPYRIUM, has now committed to bring his poetic black metal project SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS to Balve as well for a very special treat.  

Coming in all the way from Canada, VÖLUR will lyrically take their audience on a journey into the dark world of ancient Germanic ritual. The trio featuring violinist Laura C. Bates will bring their experimental folk doom tunes and new material from their acclaimed current album "Death Cult" to the stage.

That E-L-R increases the proportion of female artists at the festival is just a lucky coincidence. The focus lies on the outstanding musical qualities of the Swiss doomgaze trio that enriches their sound with cineastic elements and a hypnotic shamanistic quality. As the band is working on a new album, some brand new material might very well await. 

The following  bands have now been confirmed (in alphabetical order): 

Martin Koller comments: "This year's festival billing is promising to be more than worthy our 25th label anniversary as our four new entries confirm", states the label's founder. "I am particularly pleased that PRIMORDIAL accepted our invitation as their dark emotional and highly individual metal fits the bands from our roster perfectly. SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS need no introduction and they will add a harsher facet of Schwadorf to the already confirmed EMPYRIUM gig. With E-L-R and VÖLUR two of my personal favourites will also join our celebration and I strongly recommend to check them out. Meanwhile we are still in close contact with the local authorities regarding the current state of the global pandemic, we remain confident that Prophecy Fest can an will take place."

Accreditation for Prophecy Fest will start on July 5, 2021 through the regular press contacts (see below). Please do not contact us before this date as earlier applications cannot be processed.   

Crisis what crisis? Of course, Prophecy Productions are fully aware about the continuing global pandemic, which might still put a spanner into the works of this year's Prophecy Fest – although the event is scheduled for late summer. Please read below in the "Prophecy Pandemic FAQ" about possible scenarios and measures to ensure the health and safety of visitors, bands, and crew.

Quelle: Prophecy Productions