GRAFJAMMER unterschreiben bei Folter Records

Die niederländischen Black Metaller GRAFJAMMER haben einen Vertrag bei Folter Records unterschrieben. Die Band arbeitet derzeit an ihrem dritten Album, welches Ende des Jahre veröffentlicht werden soll.

GRAFJAMMER über den Deal und mit weiteren Details zum Album:

“Finally we can kick back and let Folter Records do all the heavy lifting and get rich from streaming. All jokes aside: we are not worthy, but nonetheless we feel honored and excited to work together with such a gentleman and great label!”. Hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands, GRAFJAMMER was started in 2007 as a grimy studio project that has, since 2012, evolved into a grimy live act. There have been several lineup changes over the years, but has persisted as a quintet, in its current form, since 2016. GRAFJAMMER plays primitive Dutch necrorock: a scathing mix of first and second wave black metal taking additional influence from punk, D-beat, and MOTÖRHEAD. The lyrics mainly deal with misanthropy and death combined with Dutch folktales, ghosts stories, and maritime subjects. GRAFJAMMER are about to enter the Catacomben Studios with W. Damiaen (LASTER, VERVAL) to start recording for their third full length "De Zoute Kwel". A release date is set for late 2020 through Folter Records. More details to follow soon. Blijf kalm & haat alles!“


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