Decision To Hate


DECISION TO HATE was founded in 2001 as a project first. After a short creative break a complete line up was recruited. Spring 2003 the debut "Inhuman Determination" was self-released as Mini-Cd. The band becomes a more and more popular live act and supports well-known bands like Dissection, Mystic Circle, Disbelief, Dark Storm and many more.
In 2006 the first longplayer "Prepare for Self-Destruction" was released by Rebirth the Metal Productions, which features more structured, more technical and more brutal songs like ever before. This record gets high international attention and strengthens the bands position in the real Death-, Thrash and Black Metal scene. But this should not be the end, DECISION TO HATE keeps on raising the flag of blasphemy, hate and anti-human propaganda!!! Prepare for self-destruction...


2003 - Inhuman Determination (EP)

2005 - Prepare For Self-Destruction (Demo)

2006 - Prepare For Self-Destruction

2018 - Anti-Human Art