SONS OF APOLLO mit neuem Stoff als Video

Mit "MMXX" erscheint im Januar 2020 das neue Album von SONS OF APOLLO - dazu gibt es mit der Single 'Goodbye Divinity' schonmal richtig tollen Stoff vorab:

Mike Portnoy:
From the minute we finished writing Goodbye Divinity, I knew we had our album opener and the first release off the album. I even remember posting on social media how excited I was about the song the day I tracked it!
The song has an immediacy that grabs you right away: great riffs, flashy playing and hooky vocal melodies. All of the elements that make up the SOA sound.
The video was directed by Vicente Cordero who I have now done over 20 music videos with and its look helps catapult the band from the Greek mythological past of the last album into the 21st century with this new album.

Quelle: InsideOut