PAPA ROACH Video zu "None Of The Above"

PAPA ROACH mit neuem Musik-Vvideo zu "None Of The Above", featuring DanceXperience Ballet Troupe:

“We actually wrote ‘None of The Above’ near the end of recording Crooked Teeth,” sagt Bassist Tobin Esperance, “We were going for a classic rock-sounding anthem, juxtaposed with current, contemporary, sounds and taking a rock anthem to a younger generation.  Bryson had this great idea of going to a castle while we were on our European tour and then he made us even more excited by telling us that he could get this song choreographed and he delivered on all counts.”
“We wanted to create something you would not normally see from a rock band,” sagt Director Bryson Roatch, “It was amazing and such an honor to work with other artists from a different culture and see their passion.”

Quelle: peter klapproth