Neues bei REAWACAN - Partnerschaft mit The Metallist PR

Die deutschen Death Metaller von REAWACAN sind eine Partnerschaft mit The Metallist PR eingegangen. Die Reichweitenerhöhung der Nordhessen dürfte sich hiermit deutlich steigern.

Hierzu die Pressenmitteilung von The Metallist PR:

REAWACAN join The Metallist PR.
The Metallist PR is pleased to announce the agreement with the German based Death Metal band REAWACAN.

The band has been founded in 2017 by Dan Krieger (guitars, bass, vocals) and Marco Gebert (drums) to express their contemporary visions of musicality. The sum of all those free-spirited sound experiments had been forged into the self-titled debut album “Reawacan” – released on December 2019. The band takes influence from different subgenres of Death Metal, varying from groove and melodic to old school and even progressive.
The Metallist PR CEO Davide Pulito commented: “Despite the album has been released in December last year, I felt that this work still had a lot to say. Nowadays everything goes too fast into the “Metal Business” and bands may not have the necessary time to push the results of their hard work. With “Reawacan” I unearthed a Death Metal jewel from the sands of time. I am proud to make it listen to all of you.”


Quelle: The Metallist PR