MAJESTY mit neuem Album und Video

Am 28. Juni veröffentlichen die True Metaller von MAJESTY ihr neusten Hammer "legends" - dazu gibt es vorab schon mal das Lyric-Video zu "Burn The Bridges":

"Burn the Bridges" tells a little story about rebels escaping to an island where they can live free. But the song can also be applied to your every day life because it is about leaving all the bullshit behind and do whatever you want to do. We can´t wait to play this massive singalong anthem live on stage and hear you guys scream a lot of "burns" towards us!"
Tarek "MS" Maghary - Vocals
Emanuel Knorr - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Robin Hadamovsky - Guitars
Arthur Gauglitz- Bass
Jan Raddatz – Drums

Quelle: napalm