DeWolff - 7. Studioalbum "Tascam Tapes" - neues Video

Bei der Produktion ihres siebten Studioalbums „Tascam Tapes” haben Gitarrist und Sänger Pablo van den Poel, sein Bruder Luka (Schlagzeug) und Robin Piso (Keyboards, Bass) das Vintage-Konzept jetzt auf die Spitze getrieben: Nach dem Motto „Recorded on the road for less than 50 dollars, but sounding like a million bucks!” entstanden die „Tascam Tapes” mit minimalen Mitteln auf einem antiqiuerten portablen Vierspur-Rekorder namens Tascam Porta Two aus den 1980er-Jahren. Entstanden ist dabei aufs Neue beseelter Retro-Rock vom Feinsten. Die „Tascam Tapes” erscheinen am 10. Januar 2020.

“One of the belts had broken and eventually we replaced it with an elastic rubber band. Just so you know: that’s an acoustic guitar rippin’ through your speakers! The verse was written in the van somewhere in Germany. The lyrics are inspired by a Cormac McCarthy book of the same name, about a group of low life outlaws on a vicious killing spree hunting down Native Americans. Not even ghosts will survive to tell the tales of this band.”

“The plan for the video was conceived on the day it was shot: we were shooting a promo shoot with Satellite June in front of our amazing new backdrop by Realfunwow when we figured this setting would make a great music video! Satellite June shot it and Pablo edited it and here it is for y’all to see!”

Live Dates:
JAN 11: NL - Amsterdam, Paradiso 
FEB 20: ES - Madrid, Sala Caracol
FEB 21: ES - Zaragoza, Sala Lopez
FEB 22: ES - Barcelona, La Nau 
FEB 29: BE - Brussel, AB
MAR 10: AT - Graz, PPC
MAR 12: AT - Vienna, Chelsea 
MAR 13: DE - Munchen, Backstage 
MAR 14: DE - Dresden, Beatpol 
MAR 15: DE - Berlin, Musik & Frieden
MAR 17: DE - Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
MAR 18: DE - Hannover, Indiego Glocksee 
MAR 19: DE - Cologne, Stadtgarten
MAR 20: DE - Frankfurt, Das Bett 
MAR 21: DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann


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