2014-07-08 MELTHER (english Version)

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MELTHER is a really talented Metal-Band fom Poland, their first EP “Sigil” is pretty impressive. We talked about music, the polish metal scene and their difficulties to find a label.Interview

Hello guys! MELTHER has formed in 2012. Which idea was it and when had you got the idea to found a band?

Patryk (guitar and vocals) and Hubert (drummer) were struggling to find a crew for a serious band, because they used to play in few bands as a young teenagers and no band has survived to this day. Melther was found because they were looking for serious crew for serious project. We had two squad changes, during them Kamil&Kamil (2nd guitarist and bassist) have joined the band.

What is the meaning of your name MELTHER?

The name was developed by our drummer Hubert. It sounds like a fantasy name, stylized to medieval times. Reminds of some mysterious character.

How would you describe your style of music to a stranger?

Our music is based on melodic, folk, black and epic metal. We find our style unique and melancholy though. We mostly work on atmosphere . You can hear orchestrations and a lot of folk and oriental influence.

After recording a demo in 2013 you have recorded five songs in a better quality and made an EP. Where did you record it?

We have recorded it in local „YUKIMI Studio“, placed in our city. All material was recorded in two days with pretty long break caused by huge thunderstorm.

Who wrote the lyrics? And what are the lyrics about? What is your inspiration?

The lyrics are written by Patryk and Hubert. We sing about mighty warriors who struggle to reach glory and endless power, ancient battles and pride. You can find many symbols, which everyone could explain in their very own way.

Do you have any influences? Which bands do you like (specifically from Poland)? Could you say anything about the metal-scene in Poland?

Each of us have different music taste. Our material has been mostly written by Patryk so you can hear a lot of inspiration from scandinavian metal bands like Ensiferum or Wintersun. Our drummer tries to add some core drumming style. the 2nd of our guitarists is mostly into hard rock. Bass player is fond on both core and heavy metal. Thanks to those differences our music doesn't sounds like one man project. Our music genre is not popular among people so It is really hard to play and promote it in Poland. All of us used to listen Hunter and Behemoth, both bands are from Poland.

Have you planned any shows in the future?

Yes we're planning as many shows as we can, especially in holiday time, but we are mostly about to hit local music clubs.

Have you planned to record a full-length album in the future?

Of course, we would be pleased to record a full-lenght album, but it's not possible for us to relase it on our own. We need a backup of record label. However after sending tons of mails and promoting messenages we haven't reached any support from any label. Only thing we got back was wish of luck and postive comment on our music stuff.

You’re looking very young. How old are you?

We are 19/20 years old.

If you have the choice: summer or winter?

Winter is strongly connected with our lirycs. It's dark and gloomy but on the other hand it's beautiful and touching. And mostly of all, inspiring.

If you have the choice to choose a headliner, who would it be?

We would love to support Wintesun during their 'Time II' promoting tour, if only they will relase it sooner than the last album. Also a chance to support bands like: Ensiferum, Parkway Drive, Chthonic, Behmoth and Iron Maiden would be a great experience.

If you have the choice: beer or JD?

We like beer, but if it's about to throw a real party JD is a must.

Have you ever visited Germany yet? Do you like to come here? (WACKEN!) \m/

No, as we band we didn't. We wish we could play at Wacken one day. As long as we speak about music, our drummer was on With Full Force festival last year. Germany has attractive metal-scene for young bands, so we would be pleased to play there in the future.

And where the hell can one buy your EP?

Our first EP was about to be released as a psychical CD but we couldn't reach an accord. We are still waiting to relase it, but as we mentioned it's hard to distribute it without record label. Meanwhile you can listen the EP on Youtube, Soundcloud and promoting websites like Bandcamp. We are still looking for a record label, so if we manage to find it we would relase it as soon as we can. Maybe we would add some extra tracks.

Thanks you a lot for answering the questions!

Cheers, Lisa