2014-01-14 Intronaut

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They left in spring, then came back for another European headlining tour with SCALE THE SUMMIT in winter: INTRONAUT do not only again bring their newest album „Habitual Levitations“ but also one more fresh music video to the song „Harmonomicon“. Vocalist Sacha points out what it's all about and then some more to Jari who not only took beautiful pictures of that night but substitutionally made this brief, spontaneous interview for me. Thanks for that!Interview


You released videos for the songs „Milk Leg“ and „Harmonomicon“ from your new album „Habitual Levitations“. How much have you been involved in the production? Who came up with the ideas for those two?


„Milk Leg“ was made by a guy, Rob, who works at our record label. He came up with all of this, he actually just did his own thing. „Harmonomicon“, which just recently came out was done by a guy called Burke Roberts who also used to do the visuals for our live shows. And here we also didn't have that much to do with the concept or planning of that at all. Both are good video artists that do their own thing, basically. We can rely on them and they always come up with something cool.

Since you are having a long tour now in Europe, any special plans on what you really need to see or do?

Always! We try to do all of this sight seeing things when we can. We went to Stonehenge just a couple days ago. When we have days off we just want to see things that are worth to be seen. While on tour, it is sometimes tough to do all of this. We have been here a lot, though, so we already have experience most of it.

Still, one place you really wish to play at?

We have been lucky to be able to play at a lot of places but still: we never performed in Sweden! We have done Norway, Denmark but never Sweden or Finland, for that matter. Or Russia. Basically, the places we haven't hit yet are the ones that are bit further out.

And one last question: why the black metal dolphin shirt?

The dolphin had become an inside joke within our band and fans. We had a series of dolphin shirts from the beginning. Different artists worked on those, for instance my former roommate Christopher Waldrep. He is a really great; we just told him what we wanted: a shirt with a dolphin with corpse paint, on a couch with a bunch of junk food, smoking a bong. And we just thought, what black metal shirt could the dolphin be wearing? GORGOROTH!


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